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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the PathDay 2020 committee has decided to cancel our May 22 meeting date

We are looking at options to reschedule, or have an alternate Department meeting at a future date. We will keep everyone informed as the situation develops.
Also, the PathDay Committee and Nomination Committee will continue to accept nominations for the faculty and staff awards. If you have not already, we encourage people to nominate their colleagues for the awards. The link to nominate can be found at and will be open until Thursday, April 30th.

Updated: Mar. 23, 2020 – 11:10 p.m. PDT

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Health & Medical Graduate Programs & Degrees 2020+

Medical & Health Services Average Salary


Average Salary





Nurse Practitioners



Occupational Therapists



Physician Assistants




Top States for Employment: Pharmacist



Annual Mean Wage







New York










Top Salary Metro Areas in the United States: Pharmacists
Metro Area Annual Mean Salary Employment
Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA $154,320 180
McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX $153,790 440
Santa Rosa, CA $150,990 510
Brownsville-Harlingen, TX $150,910 230
Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA $149,930 310

Bureau of Labor Statistics

What is the difference between a M.S. and Doctorate in Medicine?

The MS and Doctor of Medicine may prep you to pursue a career in healthcare, speaking in the broadest sense. Yet they are very distinct both in the education they provide and the careers they may prepare you for.

Master of

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Cardiovascular Medicine

The Division of Cardiovascular Medicine is committed to bringing the highest standard of cardiovascular care to our community, while also promoting scientific discovery and training the next generation of leaders in cardiovascular medicine.

Our patient care enterprise consists of physicians and staff that are dedicated to comprehensively addressing our patients’ needs in acute cardiovascular medical care, disease prevention, and education. We have embraced a team-based approach involving physicians, physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners, critical care nurses and nurse educators, as well as nutritionists and behavioral counselors to provide the best possible outcomes to our patient population.

As an academic division, we also are committed to bringing cutting-edge technology and treatment to our patient community. Therefore, we have specialists in critical care, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, prevention, and heart failure available at all times. We are a national leader in heart attack care and have the most advanced catheterization laboratory in the Commonwealth.

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Herbal medicine – Better Health Channel

Herbal medicine has its origins in ancient cultures. It involves the medicinal use of plants to treat disease and enhance general health and wellbeing.

Some herbs have potent (powerful) ingredients and should be taken with the same level of caution as pharmaceutical medications. In fact, many pharmaceutical medications are based on man-made versions of naturally occurring compounds found in plants. For instance, the heart medicine digitalis was derived from the foxglove plant. 

Active ingredients and herbal medicine

Herbal medicines contain active ingredients. The active ingredients of many herbal preparations are as yet unknown. Some pharmaceutical medications are based on a single active ingredient derived from a plant source. Practitioners of herbal medicine believe that an active ingredient can lose its impact or become less safe if used in isolation from the rest of the plant. 

For instance, salicylic acid is found in the plant meadowsweet and is used to make

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Frontiers in Medicine

Frontiers in Medicine publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research linking basic research to clinical practice and patient care, as well as translating scientific advances into new therapies and diagnostic tools. Led by an outstanding Editorial Board of international experts, this multidisciplinary open-access journal is at the forefront of disseminating and communicating scientific knowledge and impactful discoveries to researchers, academics, clinicians and the public worldwide.

In addition to papers that provide a link between basic research and clinical practice, a particular emphasis is given to studies that are directly relevant to patient care. In this spirit, the journal publishes the latest research results and medical knowledge that facilitate the translation of scientific advances into new therapies or diagnostic tools. The full listing of the Specialty Sections represented by Frontiers in Medicine is as listed below. As well as the established medical disciplines, Frontiers in Medicine is launching new sections that together will facilitate

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Skeptical Medicine

 Critical Thinking in Medicine

Most people who choose the health care profession seem to naturally possess empathy,

compassion and altruism. These qualities make us want to deliver quality health care. We share a common goal. Providing health care requires decisions and practices that are valuable to patients. We use information to guide these practices.

Although helping patients toward optimal health is our common goal, we don’t always choose our sources of information in a common way. Without a reliable approach to evaluating the sources of medical information and claims, we cannot be certain that we are making the best choices. We owe it to our patients to use the best information available when making decisions about their lives.

Traditionally, we are trained in the clinical art of medicine. The ‘art’ involves connecting with our patients, communicating effectively, being empathetic and compassionate. The art of medicine involves being thorough, yet concise.

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FACT SHEET: President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative

Building on President Obama’s announcement in his State of the Union Address, today the Administration is unveiling details about the Precision Medicine Initiative, a bold new research effort to revolutionize how we improve health and treat disease.  Launched with a $215 million investment in the President’s 2016 Budget, the Precision Medicine Initiative will pioneer a new model of patient-powered research that promises to accelerate biomedical discoveries and provide clinicians with new tools, knowledge, and therapies to select which treatments will work best for which patients.

Most medical treatments have been designed for the “average patient.” As a result of this “one-size-fits-all-approach,” treatments can be very successful for some patients but not for others.  This is changing with the emergence of precision medicine, an innovative approach to disease prevention and treatment that takes into account individual differences in people’s genes, environments, and lifestyles.  Precision medicine gives clinicians tools to better understand

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Volcano Hazards Program CalVO Medicine Lake volcano

Medicine Lake Volcano from a distant northern view.

Medicine Lake volcano is situated just east of the Cascade Volcanic Arc axis in northern California’s high desert 55 km (35 mi), northeast of Mount Shasta. Also known as the Medicine Lake Highlands, this volcanic region covers a total area of about 2,200 km2 (850 mi2), extending approximately 80 km (50 mi) north-south and 50 km (30 mi) east-west. A shallow, but wide (7×12 km, 4.3×7.5 mi) caldera basin containing its namesake lake is located at the summit of the volcano. Intermittent, mostly effusive (non-explosive) eruptions over the last half-million years produced this large, shield-shaped volcano. In the last 13,000 years, effusive flank eruptions created expansive lava flows with single flows covering as much as 195 km2 (75 mi2). Two-thirds of Lava Beds National Monument, on the north flank of the volcano, is covered by one such flow. Seven of the nine eruptions of
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Married to Medicine Stars Talk Coronavirus From the Front Lines

When it comes to the Coronavirus, the Married to Medicine cast has a front-row seat to this pandemic.

As health care workers around the world try to provide the best care for thousands of sick patients, some familiar faces from Bravo are doing their part to save the lives of Atlanta residents infected with COVID-19.

“As an emergency physical, I would like for Americans to take the CDC recommendations to socially isolate very seriously,” Dr. Eugene Harris explained to E! News exclusively. “A lot of Americans will not be seriously medically affected directly by Coronavirus, but oftentimes will pose an extreme risk to others in the community who have weak immune systems…I want people to take this seriously.”

For Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and her husband Dr. Scott Metcalfe, they can’t help but feel a little uneasy about what’s to come.

“I am absolutely working longer hours and so is

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