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Dentist Red Bridge Rd. (816)941-0550

Emergency Dentist Red Bridge Rd. (816)941-0550 Suite 220


400 East Red Bridge Rd. (816)941-0550 Suite# 220


Dentistry can be practiced by an emergency dentist Red Bridge Rd. (816)941-0550 for the greater good of the entire  Kansas City community. Our

 neighborhood welcomes a business willing to relieve  pain and suffering. Dental emergencies are treated in our facility.


 TMC hospital emergency room focuses on medical emergencies and may not be set up for the delivery of routine dental care.   


An emergency dentist Red Bridge Rd. (816)941-0550 renders quality dental care.


University of Missouri KC Dental School treats emergencies as well.


UMKC delivers  education and extensive dental treatment.


Many dentists in the area are graduates of UMKC School of Dentistry.


Seasoned faculty dentists are available to treat more advanced cases.


After hours care is available at our Red Bridge location.


It is a very good goal when an individual, a business or an

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