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Tanja Baumann Fitness Consultant

Tanja Baumann Fitness Consultant

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Tanja Baumann

Fitness Consultant

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Regular Exercise & Healthy Food = Fitness, Health & Weight Control!

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Tanja Baumann Fitness Consultant

As a fitness consultant, my job is to guide and help you or your organization to achieve your personal or corporate health and fitness goals. My training philosophy is:

  • I believe in the natural way to health and fitness.
  • Fitness should be fun and enjoyable – a part of your daily healthy living routine.
  • There are no short-cuts, special formulas or magic diets to get – and keep – you fit and in good health.
  • Healthy food, plain old-fashioned hard work, effort, determination and motivation are what you need.
  • Most important of all: learn to love and accept the person you are on the inside!

Let’s get fit!

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