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with Drumsticks! It’s all the new rage. It’s a new fitness craze with
drumsticks! Pound out your frustrations while losing weight and getting
in shape. Numerous fitness programs across the US are now incorporating
cardio drumsticks into their cardio fitness programs. They’ve found
that this new fad brings a unique approach to working out while keeping
the ‘fun’ element involved. Drumstick exercise classes have evolved
incorporating Pilates -like routines where you either beat the sticks
on a ball or on the floor or clicking them together all the while moving
to the beat and shedding pounds. If you haven’t tried a drumsticks workout,
you’re truly missing out! Getting ripped while drumming to music is
definitely a better way to workout! Search your local directories or
the net for drumstick exercise classes and put some more fun into your
workouts. If you need exercise drumsticks, contact us at 1-800-DRUM

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