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Georgia dentist designs 3D printing template to help face mask shortage

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – With face masks running low around the country the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has allowed medical professionals to use homemade masks when no face masks are available, but instead of using bandannas or scarves dentists around the state are coming up with something creative.

Dental services around Georgia are working together to increase the supply of masks as the demand goes up and they say a 3D printed mask can make for an effective back-up.

The Georgia dental community is trying to help healthcare providers who are dealing with mask shortages. Dr. Mark Causey, a dentist out of Atlanta has a 3D capable orthodontist office that can produce masks similar to N-95’s.

“There have been nurses in OR’s that have written my staff messages saying they were crying because they weren’t being given the proper equipment in certain instances,” Causey said.

Dr. Causey designed

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