Outdated mental health facilities at Basildon hospital to be upgraded | Anglia

Out of date mental health facilities at Basildon hospital will be upgraded, thanks to £400 million of government funding.

Dormitories will be replaced with single en-suite rooms.

It is hoped this will help to reduce the duration of patients’ stays, as well as improving infection control.Health Secretary and West Suffolk MP Matt Hancock said it will improve safety and give patients the “dignity they deserve.”

“Mental health staff have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep mental health services open 24/7 so that those most in need can continue to get vital support”, Matt Hancock said.

“Not only will the new single rooms improve the individual care we can offer patients, they will provide a better environment for our hardworking staff too.”

The funding will replace outdated mental health dormitories with single en-suite rooms

The government says £400 million of funding will be committed across the country over the

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World-First Australian Mental Health Study Proves Power Of Simple Lifestyle Changes

Today, Thursday 10th September, is R U OK? Day in Australia: a national day of action designed to bring attention to mental health. Held annually on the second Thursday of September since 2009, it reminds us how even simple moves like having a candid conversation with someone about their headspace can make a huge difference.

In a similar vein, making small changes to your lifestyle can have enormous impacts on your mental health, a world-first Australian study reveals.

Health insurer AIA Australia partnered with data firm Quantium Health to release the world’s largest and in-depth research into the link between depression, demographics, health, lifestyle and circumstance – demonstrating which factors are both within and outside an individuals’ control when it comes to depression risk and highlighting potential large-scale implications for the health of our nation and the economy.

Significant factors in predicting an individual’s risk of depression include factors that

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Mental health in the workplace | Health

E. Nicole Cogdell-Quick

E. Nicole Cogdell-Quick

Mental health has everything to do with how we as individuals think, feel and behave. The more positive we think, the more balanced a lifestyle we maintain and the better we feel and function overall.

However, for many people, mental health automatically brings to mind mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia.

Mental health and wellness are just as real as our physical health and can impact our physical well-being. As most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work, it is important to cultivate mental health in the workplace.

Being unhappy at work is common. Feeling unsupported by a supervisor or boss, inflexible work hours, unrealistic expectations, lack of resources to complete job duties and low pay all contribute to dissatisfaction. When employees feel unsupported, unheard and unappreciated, it has a negative impact on mental health.

Unhealthy work environments often

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Business Donates Over $3K To Mental Health Organization

a sign on the side of a building: In case you missed it: check out this article posted to the Patchogue Patch.

© Image via Google Maps
In case you missed it: check out this article posted to the Patchogue Patch.

In case you missed it, here’s a story that appeared last week in the Patchogue Patch:

PATCHOGUE, NY — A Patchogue eatery recently raised over $3,000 for a mental health organization, sparked after an incident at the business this month. On August 1, Mademoiselle of Patchogue on 61 N. Ocean Avenue had a person with a “mental health issue” come into the business to reach out for help, the owner, Michelle Gillette Kelly, posted in Facebook video.

Suffolk police confirmed officers responded to the cafe on an “aided case.” Kelly stated in the video that the person received the help they needed. After that, she made the decision to host a “Mademoiselle Mental Health Awareness Day” last Saturday.

During the event, the business donated all of the profits from the day

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Joe Biden confronts mental fitness questions in first post-DNC interview

Joseph R. Biden pushed back against the notion he is not fit to be president on Sunday after President Trump and his Republican allies have repeatedly questioned the former vice president’s mental capacity.

Mr. Trump’s campaign released an ad last week showing clips of Mr. Biden appearing to lose his train of thought while campaigning in 2020 — comparing the blunders to older clips of Mr. Biden speaking pointedly about five years ago.

The ad, which was released during the Democratic National Convention, is titled, “What happened to Joe Biden.”

Mr. Biden, though, just laughed off the suggestion he’s lost any of his mental capabilities.

“Watch me,” Mr. Biden told the American people in an interview on Sunday with ABC News.

The Democratic presidential nominee would be the oldest president to be sworn in on Inauguration Day at 78 if he defeats Mr. Trump in November. He said it’s fair

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Princess Alexandra Hospital sorry for LGBT ‘mental disorder’ poster

Princess Alexandra in HarlowImage copyright

Image caption

The Princess Alexandra Hospital, in Harlow, Essex, has removed the poster which was in its urgent treatment centre

A hospital has apologised for a poster which listed “LGBTG” as a “mental health disorder”.

The Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex, has removed the laminated sign which was on display in its urgent treatment centre.

A spokesman said action was “being taken to understand how this was displayed”.

“We assure all our patients that the view implied by the poster is not the view of the trust,” he said.

The hospital’s deputy chief executive Trevor Smith said: “We apologise for the offence caused by a poster displayed in our hospital.

“The poster was removed immediately and action is being taken to understand how this was displayed.

‘Painful perceptions’

“We regret the concern this situation has caused and we assure all our patients that the view implied

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COVID-19 and mental health – CMHA National

A pandemic is a very stressful event for individuals and communities. It’s normal to feel some stress and anxiety. It’s also very common for people to display great resiliency during times of crisis.[1] 

We should remember that this is absolutely the time to lean on each other. Even if we can’t be close physically, we need to stay close emotionally. So, while you’re staying in, stay in touch with each other, and reach out if you need support.  

CMHA has put together some resources and suggestions to help support your mental health at this time of uncertainty 

We encourage you to share this page. We will be updating it regularly, so please check back for new resources 

Relevant resources: 

6 tips to respond to employee anxiety about COVID-19 

CMHA Ontario offers tips to support mental health amid concerns of COVID-19 pandemic 

Pandemic pushing your

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Mental Health Meter – CMHA National

Characteristics of Mental Health

Understanding the characteristics that make up good mental health will help you determine how mentally fit you are. Here are some real-life examples:
Ability to enjoy life You’ve just become engaged. You join your friends and family in celebrating the future you are planning with your partner. You realize that life before and after your marriage will bring challenges, but worries about problems that may crop up do not dim the joy you feel.
Resilience Due to changes in the marketplace, you are suddenly laid off from a job you love. You are shocked and angry, but those emotions fade quickly as you put the event in perspective. You gather solid references, revamp your resume and begin your job search.
Balance An old friend confronts you, saying you never have time for him. You are taken aback and give excuses of overwork. Then you look at

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Mississippi Department of Mental Health

The Mississippi Department of Mental Health is committed to making available a comprehensive system of services and supports so all Mississippians have access to the least restrictive and most appropriate level of services and supports that will meet their needs. Our system is person-centered and is built on the strengths of individuals and families while meeting their needs for special services. Services should be provided on a continuum of where the person is at that time and what their needs are.

Mississippi’s mental health service delivery system is comprised of three major components: 1) state-operated programs and community service programs, 2) regional community mental health centers, 3) and other nonprofit/profit service agencies/organizations.

Inspiring hope, helping individuals on their road to recovery, and improving resiliency are key factors to the success of the people we serve.

Are you experiencing a crisis situation?

A Mobile Crisis Response Team can help people who

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Home Page | Department of Mental Health

Welcome to the Department of Mental Health

Each of us has health and well-being. To flourish we must take our mental health into account. As the World Health Organization (WHO) says, “there is no health without mental health.”

According to the World Health Organization, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Mental health is an integral part of this definition.”

The encouraging news is we can strengthen our mental health and well-being. We can lower our stress levels and increase our ability to deal with challenges. This also improves our physical health.

We know, for example, that how we care for our children as they grow impacts their later health and well-being. We also know that connection with others who may be going through a difficult time can make a big difference.  It’s important to know that

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