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About the Partnership – Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks

Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks (HIINs) work at the regional, State, national or hospital system level to sustain and accelerate national progress and momentum towards continued harm reduction in the Medicare program, help identify solutions already working and disseminate them to other hospitals and providers. Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks:

  • Develop learning collaboratives for hospitals;
  • Provide a wide array of initiatives & activities to improve patient safety;
  • Conduct intensive training programs to help hospitals make patient care safer;
  • Provide technical assistance to help hospitals achieve quality measurement goals;
  • Establish & implement a system to track & monitor hospital progress in meeting quality improvement goals.
  • Identify high performing hospitals and their leaders to coach and serve as national faculty to other hospitals committed to achieving the Partnership goals.
  • Coordinate with other PfP participants and stakeholders, including the members of the prime contractor QIN-QIO community (regional QIN-QIOs, BFCC-QIOs and BFCC-NCC
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