Skinz.gg Launches as the First Health and Wellness Company for Gamers; Seeks to ‘Power Your Performance’

Skinz.gg, the first health and wellness company for videogamers, announced today that is has launched to “Power Your Performance.” Skinz.gg is a lifestyle brand featuring a wide variety of products and services for the more than 2.6 Billion videogamers across the globe. The launch marks the availability of Skinz.gg’s clinically-tested supplements that address key areas that impact gamer performance including energy, focus, pain and sleep. In the coming months, Skinz.gg will also unveil details on an array of services dedicated to videogamers’ wider needs, whether trying to find a job, an academic scholarship or a date, or simply some videogaming related entertainment options.

“Skinz.gg is the only company which creates products that are purposely-formulated to promote videogamers’ health and wellness that powers their performance,” said Natalia Sokolova, Co-Founder and CEO of Skinz.gg. “Our company uniquely sits at the intersection of dietary supplements and videogaming, which collectively accounts for a

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World-First Australian Mental Health Study Proves Power Of Simple Lifestyle Changes

Today, Thursday 10th September, is R U OK? Day in Australia: a national day of action designed to bring attention to mental health. Held annually on the second Thursday of September since 2009, it reminds us how even simple moves like having a candid conversation with someone about their headspace can make a huge difference.

In a similar vein, making small changes to your lifestyle can have enormous impacts on your mental health, a world-first Australian study reveals.

Health insurer AIA Australia partnered with data firm Quantium Health to release the world’s largest and in-depth research into the link between depression, demographics, health, lifestyle and circumstance – demonstrating which factors are both within and outside an individuals’ control when it comes to depression risk and highlighting potential large-scale implications for the health of our nation and the economy.

Significant factors in predicting an individual’s risk of depression include factors that

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Fitness and Power – Home

Few people have attacked us that the routines we post are bu*****t, they don’t work, etc.

The main thing are the pictures in the articles. We got comments such as : “You cannot get so jacked from this routine” or “you cannot look like this with this diet”.

Let’s get things straight. YOU WILL NEVER LOOK LIKE THE PRO BODYBUILDERS AND FITNESS MODELS. At least 99% of you won’t.

There are tens if not hundreds of factors which determine how muscular and shredded a person can get. The first and most important is what mother nature gave you to work with. Or what kind of genes you have inherited.

Then there’s nutrition, sleep, stress levels, gear, natural hormone production levels……… THE WORKOUT IS JUST ONE OF THE FACTORS.

Does that mean that you need to give up ? ABSOLUTELY NO ! EVERYONE CAN build muscle, lose fat and improve how

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