Reynoldsburg, OH Dentist | DentalWorks

“I recently went from my wife’s insurance to mine. Had to go to a large chain dentist with her insurance. They demoralized me about my teeth and how long its been since I was at a dentist. I never went back to that chain after the first visit. With my new insurance I was able to go to Dentalworks. Let me tell you, I am glad I did. I had waited too long to go to a dentist and had tooth pain. The staff at Dentalworks was super friendly and didn’t “shame” me for not seeing a dentist sooner like the other place. The said “all that matters is you are here now and we will get you taken care of”. P.S.-not sure if its because of a different insurance, but Dentalworks is about 60% less expensive AND they do all the work in house. The other “large chain” dentist

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