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Which Area Of Medicine Is Most Ripe For AI Disruption?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to disrupt almost every field imaginable, from transportation to financeĀ and beyond. One key field that AI will turn on its head is health care. In the medical field, AI will transform such areas as personalized medicine, clinical decision making and even medical insurance.

Perhaps the one area of health care which will change the fastest due to AI is radiology. AI will be key to interpreting those key medical images which look deep within us, such as CT scans, MR and X-ray images, helping doctors do what they do best: diagnose.

Why will radiology be among the first areas of medicine to be completely revolutionized by AI? What is it about medical imaging that lends itself to the magic of deep learning?

1. Radiology is visual. Medical scans are, of course, inherently visual, and AI is particularly powerful at analyzing visual images —

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