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Island fans say they would be hesitant to return to stands at stadiums because of the coronavirus

When the coronavirus first started wreaking havoc on the world, some professional sports leagues played their games without any fans in the stands to prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

But even when the social-distancing restrictions are lifted and fans are allowed to attend games, some arenas and stadiums may still be near empty.

That according to a recent metropolitan area poll asking fans if they would return to arenas and stadiums. A whopping 72% of the people polled said they would no longer attend games if there was no vaccine for COVID-19, which has claimed the lives of more than 109,000 worldwide, including around 20,000 in New York state.

Those polled included sports fans and non-sports enthusiasts. Still, 61% were sports fans and the results don’t bode well for sports franchises.

Closer to home, some Staten Islanders feel the same about attending professional games in the future.


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