Yoga to keep your heart healthy

New Delhi [India], September 28 (ANI): According to World Health Organisation reports, 31 per cent of the total deaths worldwide are due to cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). It is extremely essential to take care of one’s heart to lead a healthy lifestyle. Among various other factors like food and lifestyle, stress is one of the biggest reasons for affecting one’s heart health. Ahead of World Heart Day, let’s take a look at how yoga and spirituality together can work as the best tools to help mitigate undue stress and worry from one’s life.

ANI spoke to internationally acclaimed Yoga master, philanthropist, lifestyle coach, and author Grand Master Akshar as he explained the importance of maintaining good heart health and how yoga and exercising can help maintain a healthy heart. He said, “The heart is a vital organ that pumps blood throughout the body fuelling it. We must take care of this

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Fitness: Yoga blocks, not just for beginners

Fitness By

Nina Odongo

Yoga blocks have developed a bad rap over the years as being a tool for only the most novice of yogis.

However, yoga blocks can be used at any level to provide support, enhance stretch and ease tension, making poses more accessible.

Here are four common poses you can do with yoga blocks to help your yoga practice.

1. Downward dog

Great for those people who don’t have enough flexibility in their hamstrings to rest their heels on the ground. Placing one block under each hand shifts your center of gravity, helping you lengthen your spine, allowing your heels to sink closer to the ground.

2. Child’s pose

If you have tight knees or hips, child’s pose can be anything but restful. Placing blocks under your head and bum can help open up tight chest, back and shoulders and alleviate discomfort in your knees and hips,

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