Day: September 7, 2020

Atrium Health notifies patients of Blackbaud data breach

A cyberattack against an international software company included a database breach of customer Atrium Health, which may have compromised some personal information about patients.

In recent weeks, affected patients and philanthropic donors were notified and Atrium posted a notice of the ransomware attack on its website. Atrium Health officials said in the notice some information — possibly including a person’s name, birth date and doctor’s name — was accessed when cybercriminals targeted one of its vendors, Blackbaud.

The hospital system says no medical records or information about medications or test results were compromised and no credit card or bank account information was stolen.

Blackbaud, which provides donor management software to many institutions around the world, notified Atrium on July 16 of the attack on its systems, according to Atrium’s letter to patients, one of which was obtained by the Observer on Saturday.

It’s unclear how many people in Charlotte or

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Trifecta Partners with Onegevity Health and Thorne to Offer End-to-End Personalized Nutrition

SACRAMENTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 27, 2020 / Today, Trifecta, the nation’s largest organic meal delivery service, is announcing its new partnership with Onegevity Health, and Thorne, two health and technology companies that are disrupting prevention and wellness, to offer end-to-end personalized nutrition solutions.

As the leading multi-omic health intelligence platform using research-grade evaluations and artificial intelligence to deliver science-based, consumer-friendly, personalized health recommendations, Onegevity is the only company in its field to offer an integrative health intelligence solution that can assess and map the most complex physiological measures.

With their biological test offerings GutBio and AgeBio available, and with PerformBio coming soon, Onegevity gives consumers the precise dietary recommendations that would be physiologically best for them (based on blood, gut, microbiome, saliva, and other metrics) and then the ability to order meal plans and A La Carte items directly from Trifecta complemented by nutritional solutions from Thorne

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Samsung unveils new Galaxy Fit2 fitness tracker with big battery life

Samsung has updated its fitness tracker range with the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2.

After unveiling the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch last month, the company looks like it’s taking aim at Fitbit Inspire 2.

However, it will also face competition from budget smartwatches like the new Amazfit Band 5, which joins the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 as the best options for those looking for a fitness band.

The new Galaxy Fit2 looks like it could merge the older Galaxy Fit and super-cheap Galaxy Fit e.

However, we should pre-face everything by saying that Samsung hasn’t announced any pricing or availability.

The new Fit 2 scales back materials from metal to a plastic module that sits in the silicone band.

It looks a little less premium than its predecessor. And this makes us think it could come in at a lower price than the 99 of the original Galaxy Fit.


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Dentist issues urgent warning over ‘mask mouth’ amid coronavirus crisis

Dentist shares quick trick for making face masks fit better



A dentist has issued an alarming warning about ‘mask mouth’ – here’s how to prevent it.

While most of us are now pretty comfortable wearing a mask, one dentist has warned about the effects they have.

The dental expert has sounded the alert to millions of people currently wearing face masks every single day.

Their alarming warning, which is making headlines across the country, comes in a bid to inform you about the impact the coverings could be having on your oral health and hygiene.

Dr Jeffrey Sulitzer, Chief Clinical Officer of SmileDirectClub, explained: “Covering your mouth and nose for long periods of time impacts your breathing and forces you to breathe more through your mouth.

“As a result, this restricts the flow of moisture which can cause dryness in your mouth.”

He continued: “A

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