Day: October 9, 2020

Walmart (WMT) To Start Selling Health Insurance Plans Next Week

  • Walmart Inc (NYSE: WMT) announced it is going to start offering Medicare plans starting next week

Walmart Inc (NYSE: WMT) announced it is going to start offering Medicare plans starting next week. Lori Flees, SVP and COO, Walmart U.S. Health & Wellness said the company is building on its commitment of offering quality health services at low and transparent prices through the launch of Walmart Insurance Services, LLC, a licensed

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Experts say Peloton doesn’t need to worry about Apple Fitness Plus

  • Apple announced a new subscription fitness program on Tuesday, which will feature workouts instructed by “the world’s best trainers” and set to Apple Music playlists for $9.99 a month. 
  • Though some analysts immediately speculated that Apple may prove a worthy competitor to Peloton, experts told Business Insider that the fitness company’s premium equipment and loyal consumer base will continue to set it apart from Apple. 
  • Peloton subscriptions are just a
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A new discovery in regenerative medicine


IMAGE: In vitro culture of induced trophoblast stem cells (pink) wrapping clusters of naive induced pluripotent stem cells (cyan)
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Credit: (C) Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute

An international collaboration involving Monash University and Duke-NUS researchers have made an unexpected world-first stem cell discovery that may lead to new treatments for placenta complications during pregnancy.

While it is widely known that adult skin cells can be reprogrammed into cells similar

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How to safely go to the dentist during the pandemic

My tongue first detected the problem when it caught a sharp edge on my teeth: A hefty hunk of my back right molar was missing. I’m not sure how it happened, but it meant that after months of avoiding any sort of physical closeness with other people, I needed to brave the dentist’s chair.

With the pandemic raging across the United States, the office I entered in Alexandria, Virginia, looked

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