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Dr. Richard Eidelson, DDS, FAGD – General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Eidelson provides high quality, affordable dental care in Philadelphia and has been performing cosmetic dental procedures with amazing results for over twenty-five years. He is a certified Dentist in Center City Philadelphia and is known for his phenomenal work. He is an experienced dentist with great reviews, who offers excellent preventative dental care for the your whole family. We, at Open Your Mouth, have an amazing staff who will make your visit relaxed and treat you with all of the attention you deserve!

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Best dentist in Philadelphia

Being a leading dentist in Philadelphia, we offer highly effective treatment to our patients and their families. If you’re looking for a 24 hr dentist in Philadelphia who is reputable and convenient, you’ve stumbled upon the right place! Our office has weekend hours on Saturday, a family-friendly waiting room and a spa-like atmosphere. Visit us to experience the most affordable dental care in Philadelphia.

In case of dental emergencies, call us at 215-627-1995. One of our friendly staff members will provide you with the information you are need. There’s no need to travel to different offices for specialized services. We offer a Team Approach with On-site Specialists including a Periodontist & Endodontist!

one day dental implants by biomet

We are one of the only general dentistry in Philadelphia with BOTH Cerec & Cone Beam 3D advanced computerized dental equipment.

New patients are invited to see how this exciting new technology can transform your life! Visualize your perfect smile with 3D imaging.

Digital views with extreme clarity.
– 3 dimensional imaging
– can help in diagnosing complex issues as well


You can have a perfect smile in just one day. If you have a missing or damaged tooth, find out how affordable and fast dental implants can be. Find out more about dental implants by clicking here.

Our Invisalign braces surpass the industry standard! We offer Invisalign for adults as well as teens. You can learn about how easy and convenient Invisalign invisible braces are, here. Learn more about Invisalign braces.

Lumineer and dental veneers are an affordable & effective way to have a great smile! We have a dental lab right here in our office which means there’s no need to wait for an outside lab to handle your new implants. You can achieve immediate results with no hassle or waiting and rest assured to receive the best care possible. Learn more about Lumineers and Dental Veneers, here. We are a 24 hr dentist in Philadelphia and provide one of the most affordable dental care in Philadelphia. Schedule your appointment now!

  • The service continues to be a positive experience

    Clarence C. – National Dental Reviews


    5 star review5/5 stars


  • I finally found a great dentist!

    Gar B. – National Dental Reviews


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “Dr. Eidelson was amazing. He is very friendly and quite funny. Makes you feel at ease if you’re afraid of the dentist. Place was super clean and nice. Definitely referring people.”

  • Exceptional customer service

    Thomas L. – National Dental Reviews


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “Not only is the dentist at this location very knowledgeable, but their customer service was exceptional and made me feel at ease with all the treatments. I highly recommend this dentist office for any new patient who is looking for a great experience.”

  • Always a pleasant experience.

    Kathleen W. – National Dental Reviews


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “My experience is always pleasant and I am always made aware of what dental work is needed. Never have to wait long at all and office staff are always very friendly.”

  • Happy with dentist and technician

    Alan F. – National Dental Reviews


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “Great experience!”

  • My Hygienist is Great!

    Gardy G. – National Dental Reviews


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “Regular patient since 2010. Happy with this dentist office.”

  • Dr. Eidelson and staff gave me the best smile and care!!

    Fred Ryan – Facebook


    5 star review5/5 stars

  • He takes great care of not only me but my family as well!

    Lauren vecchiolli – Google


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “He is absolutely fabulous! I was always nervous about going to the dentist until I started going to see Dr. Eidelson! He takes great care of not only me but my family as well!”

  • His office is up to date in dental technology, the atmosphere is comforting, and his staff is great!

    Melissa Rivera-Quiles – Google


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “I began treatment with Dr. Eidelson around 2007, with Invisalign to shift teeth in alignment in preparation for lumineers/veneers. It was a process and took patience from my end. Dr. Eidelson was informative every step of the way. He showed me the movement of my teeth on a screen with Invisalign and then explained how the veneers were going to be placed. He gave me tips on when to change my Invisalign aligners and bleached my teeth during the Invisalign process which kept me very excited about my full treatment. My end result was beautiful and I have such a beautiful, natural smile. He did a great job! I’m glad I went to Dr. Eidelson for treatment and I’d highly recommend him for your dental needs.”

  • very convenient! I can highly recommend this place

    Steve Britten – Google


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “The staff is great here and goes out of the way to make you comfortable. I’ve been to a few different dentists in Philadelphia because of an insurance change, but for the last year and a half have stuck with Dr. Eidelson’s practice.

    THe office is really clean and well run and a lot more tech savvy than the last guy i went to – they use digital xrays and computer 3-d views of your mouth. The dental assistants are really thorough and take a lot of time for regular checkups and teeth cleaning – and Dr. Eidelson also takes his time and is great at explaining or answering any questions.

    And the best thing is they have Saturday hours.”

  • Very friendly and efficient

    Denise F. – National Dental Reviews


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “Everyone is super friendly and I am always happy when I leave.”

  • Excellent

    Fred R. – Facebook


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “Dr. Eidelson and staff gave me the best smile and care!!”

  • From the minute I walked in I felt comfortable and at ease.

    Angela D. – Yelp


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “Since I am normally always terrified of the dentist, and hate going, I was apprehensive about this visit. From the minute I walked in I felt comfortable and at ease. The entire office was clean and modern. Even with a busy day, the staff made sure to keep me updated. I have never been to a dentist that explained in detail treatment options. Everyone was very open and honest about what to expect.”

  • Glad I made the switch!

    Joanna G. – National Dental Reviews


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “I received my initial appointment within days of scheduling. I absolutely love the flexibility of the office in addition to Saturday hours. All of my dental needs were met within 4 weeks with 3 visits.”

  • grateful that I found this dentist and his friendly staff

    Tanya L. – National Dental Reviews


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “I was very nervous when I arrived. Right away I was put at ease. The dentist spoke to me with genuine honesty and concern as to what i needed. Everyone at the office made sure I understood every procedure. They talked, joked, and laughed with me. I knew I was in great hands.”

  • Always pleasant.

    Kathlene W. – National Dental Reviews


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “Dentist and staff are very friendly, pleasant and professional. Though i do not like going to the dentist, It is always a pleasure to see staff and they make me feel quite comfortable. They will also work with you on a payment plan if needed..”

  • He and his team are professional, patient, skilled, and timely life saviors.

    Ly W. – National Dental Reviews


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “I have never met a dentist who genuinely cared more about their patients and their smiles than Dr. Eidelson. He and his team are professional specialists who take pride in creating great smiles and building trust with their patients.”

  • The folks at his office care about their patients. I wouldn’t trust my teeth with anyone else!

    Michelle M. – National Dental Reviews


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “I’ve been a patient of Dr. Eidelson since 2010. He’s been with me through cavities, a gum lift, night guards, root canals, an implant and a litany of crowns. I have very tiny teeth, I grind and have TMJ. My mouth isn’t easy to work on.. And, when people see my smile, they can’t believe it’s cosmetic work. My teeth look natural and are just the right shade of white! .”

  • I’d recommend Dr. Eidelson and his office to any of my patients, friends and family.

    John L. – National Dental Reviews


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “I work as a physician and know what it means to make patient care a priority. I promise you that if you are looking for a dentist with compassion, integrity and a true dental skills then look no further. Its rare to find this kind of personal one on one care in todays medical landscape. “


    William S. – National Dental Reviews


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “I have a condition which causes me to become horribly dizzy when I lay flat on my back. For over 30 years I tried to find a dentist who would help me with my problem. Dr. Eidelson provided solution based dentistry. We talked about my problem and he provided possible solutions with great results. The staff treats you like family, I truly have my life back, I love you guys.”

  •  Staff was welcoming and Dr Eidelson was able to see me right away!

    Thu N. – Yelp


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “I was freaking out Saturday morning after realizing my replacement teeth came lose, it fell out and broke as it hit the floor. I knew I needed an emergency dental office that was open on the weekend and I found Dr. Richard Eidelson’s office. His staff was welcoming and Dr Eidelson was able to see me right away. I thought everything went smoothly, and the whole time was given excellent service. They stayed late after work to work on me. I’m coming back for teeth cleaning and further treatment for my tooth replacement!!'”

  •  I recommend Richard Eidelson, DDS to every one who needs dental treatment

    Sirena M. – Yelp


    5 star review4/5 stars

    “I had a broken Front tooth with sharp borders bothering me on Saturday September 05. They accepted me the same day, The dentist repaired my tooth so perfect that no one can believe it was broken. I really appreciate their professional service in such a short notice. Richard Eidelson, DDS is very convenient and professional dental clinic  I recommend Richard Eidelson, DDS to every one who needs dental treatment.”

  • These guys are the best!

    Denise F. – Yelp


    5 star review5/5 stars

    “I have been going here for a few years now and am so happy my friend Mike referred me. These guys are the best! Dr. Eidelson is so warm and friendly. He is very smart and conscientious. I also see Adam the periodontist. I had to have a tissue graft and it turned out perfect. I can’t say enough about the staff. They are all very friendly and super cool. I highly recommend this place.”

  • Good place to go to get Invisalign


    April 17, 2014

    5 star review5/5 stars

    “This place is great to get invisalign. I wanted a dentist who knew what they were doing and Dr. Eidelson is top rated. My smile is just about where i want it to be: perfect!

  • Best dentist in Philadelphia!

    Kelly B.

    March 31, 2014

    5 star review 5/5 stars

    “Dr. Eidelson is the best dentist in Philly! He has been my dentist for years and I wouldn’t go to anyone else. He recently did Lumineers veneers that make my smile look fabulous!

  • Very happy with Dr, Eidelson & Staff

    Elizabeth B. – Yelp

    Jan. 29, 2015

    5 star review 5/5 stars

    “Dr. E. and staff are not only excellent, knowedgeable technicians, but warm, friendly, considerate professionals. Also very attractive well equipped office and facilities. I highly recommend Dr. E. & staff to all my friends who are looking for a GOOD dentist.”

  • Painless Experience!

    Amy L.

    October 22, 2014

    5 star review5/5 stars

    “Just went in for a cleaning. Staff is always fun & friendly. Happy I finally found a great dentist!

  • Makes Patient Feel Valued & Accepts Feedback

    Delise A. – Yelp

    January 29, 2015

    5 star review5/5 stars

  • Very Pleased with my tooth veneers!


    November 11, 2013

    5 star review5/5 stars

    “Dr. Eidelson transformed my smile! He seemed very knowledgable and competent. He was recommended to me as a top veneer dentist in Philadelphia. I would recommend him to anyone. thanks!

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dr. richard eidelson patient reviews

#1 Top-Rated Cosmetic Dentist
by Yellow Pages Top Ranked Businesses.

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