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Dr. Michael Kezian and the larchmont Dental Associates staff have made great efforts to keep

Dr. Michael Kezian and the larchmont Dental Associates staff have made great efforts to keep the community safe. We are proud to serve this community. We are committed to providing patients with comprehensive and urgent dental care in Los Angeles, while at the same time, by preventing the spread of COVID-19, or Coronaviru to the most vulnerable in the Larchmont and Los Angeles communities. We strongly believe that protecting our people is also our duty. We are dedicated to keeping all guidelines up to date, reviewing the latest research and providing appropriate information. We use science education and medical training to distinguish facts from fiction and protect patients from false alarms.

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Patients may be asking themselves, “What dental treatment can I receive during the Coronavirus?”

We believe it is important for our profession and community to follow the latest recommendations of both the American Government and the California Dental Association. Even though this may negatively impact our business, we are taking these severe actions to ensure the safety of our community.  In our office we have made the hard choice to limit our services to only emergency dental treatment Los Angeles. We have decided to close our office for now to elective and aesthetic dental treatment procedures.

The American Dental Association has just posted these guidelines to help evaluate what is emergency vs non-emergency treatment. This guidance may be altered as conditions  continue to change. As medical professionals, we are using our best professional judgement to evaluate a patient’s necessity for emergency or urgent dental care.


Dental emergencies can result in conditions that threaten one’s life. They require quick treatment. These conditions can include

  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Cellulitis or a diffuse soft tissue bacterial infection with intra-oral or extra-oral swelling that potentially compromise the patient’s airway
  • Trauma involving facial bones, potentially compromising the patient’s airway

social distancing

Emergency services still available during Coronavirus at Dr. Kezian’s dental office include:

  • Comforting treatments to treat pain or sensitive teeth
  • Pain due to inflamed pulp tissues
  • Wisdom tooth pain or pericoronitis
  • Endodontic procedures Root Canal Therapy and
  • Broken teeth resulting in pain or causing soft tissue damage
  • Traumatic accidents with avulsion or luxation
  • Adjustments of restorations causing sensitivity or pain
  • Re-cementation of temporary crowns that have been lost, fallen, or are causing irritation
  • Dental Abscess, localized infections, or infection consultation
  • Dental treatment required prior to critical medical procedures

Other important services that may be offered include:

  • Removing sutures
  • Adjusting dentures on radiation or oncology patients
  • Denture adjustments or repairs when function is altered
  • Replacing temporary filling on endo access openings in patients experiencing discomfort
  • Clipping or adjustment of an orthodontic wire or appliances which damage oral tissue

At this time unavailable dental services include routine or non-urgent procedures during Coronavirus include routine or non-urgent dental procedures.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Initial or periodic oral examinations and recall visits, including routine radiographs
  • Cosmetic, or aesthetic procedures
  • Orthodontic procedures other than those to address acute issues such as pain, infection, or trauma
  • Extraction of asymptomatic teeth
  • Restorative dentistry including treatment of asymptomatic carious lesions
  • Tooth cleaning, including Prophy, scaling and root planing, deep cleaning

We encourage our patients who wish to receive routine or non-emergency dental services to wait until further information from our office at this time.

It is important to restate that if you are experiencing dental pain, we are committed to providing the Los Angeles emergency dental care you need. We recommend patients do not visit the hospital or emergency room unless absolutely necessary to prevent the American health care system from being overloaded and strained.

coronavirus symptoms

“How can I protect myself from the Coronavirus?”

  • Patients should continue superb at home oral hygiene and be cautious to avoid any traumatic injuries to their teeth or oral cavity
  • Patients should evaluate themselves o determine if they are beginning to show signs and symptoms of the disease
    • Signs and symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure
    • Emergency warning signs include:
      • Difficulty breathing
      • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
      • New confusion or inability to arouse
      • Bluish lips or face
    • This list is not necessarily comprehensive, and you should consult a medical provider for any other symptoms that are concerning or severe.
  • Limit direct contact with others and practice social distancing.
  • Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face, mouth, and eyes.

 “Is a dental office a safe place during the Coronavirus?”

The new coronavirus has a unique and dangerous combination that is highly dangerous and easily transmitted. Also, because it is new, the population has no existing immunity it is easily spread. Dental offices may seem like a dangerous environment at this time, but we want to share ways they have taken steps to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.

We have also done our research to determine the appropriate response. We have also continued our adherence to existing Center for Disease Control (CDC) infection control guidelines and procedures, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) infection control guidelines and procedures, American Dental Association (ADA) infection control guidelines and procedures, and California Dental Association (CDA) infection control guidelines and procedures. We have implemented new protocols in response to the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, as recommended by these agencies.

Pre-existing procedures for infection control which we have been following in our office include:

  • Our staff members completely sterilize every available surface in the treatment room with Bacteriocidal and Virucidal disinfectant spray, both before and after each patient is treated.
  • New research from the National Institutes of Health and the Center for Disease Control has shown that the virus can remain stable for several hours to days on surfaces and in aerosols.
  • We use the most effective disinfectants which have been proven to be effective in killing the Coronavirus to prevent transmission.
  • Every staff member constantly wear s gloves, face masks, and eye protection during each appointment.
  • Despite a shortage of masks, we continue to change masks and gloves between patients or during patient treatment if the mask becomes wet, according to dental guidelines.
  • All instruments are cleaned, autoclaved, and sterilized after each patient.
  • All biohazard materials including gauze and tissue are disposed of appropriately and securely.

Our patients are also asking themselves: “What new protocols in response to Coronavirus, COVID-19 has Dr. Kezian taken to ensure our safety?”

  • Extra hand sanitizer and facial tissues are made available to all patients.
  • We have taken measures to avoid intimate contact to reduce chances of spreading the disease, including applicable social distancing and averting handshakes, and even hugs (Believe it or not, our patients often wish to hug us after the excellent treatment and service we give them!)
  • Staff members are queried on their symptoms and have their temperature read before being allowed to work.
  • Patients are questioned on their symptoms and have their temperature read before being allowed to be seen for treatment.
    • Coronavirus Medical History Screening Questions include if patients have traveled in the last 14 days or been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and if they have a cough, fever or shortness of breath.
    • We encourage our patients who may identify with any of these questions to contact their doctor or public health department to determine whether testing is necessary.
    • It is advised that you do not seek testing unless you are actively showing symptoms to avoid the overload of the medical system.
  • We use high-speed evacuation to eliminate the spread of the aerosol during dental procedures.
  • Hand pieces are autoclaved and sterilized after being used on each patient.
  • We frequently clean and disinfect public spaces, including door handles, chairs and bathrooms.

These are difficult times, but it is important to come together as a community to stop the spread. We are proud to remain available to our patients who are in desperate need of our Los Angeles emergency dental services. However we have been sure to take extensive methods to ensure the welfare and defense of our community. Cough etiquette and respiratory hygiene infection control measures along with contact provisions are extremely important for inhibiting spread of COVID-19. We appreciate your participation and understanding during these difficult times. As soon as we are able to continue business as usual, our patients will be the first to know.

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