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If you’re looking for a great dentist and dental practice, how do you know which practice and dentist to pick?


My name is Dr Fred Calavassy. You may have seen me on the Pronamel advertisements on TV. I’m an experienced dentist, who has been providing dental care in Castle Hill since 1996. Now, I’m not saying that I or those in my practice are the right dentists for you. Perhaps you might already have a dentist you are very happy with and would never change. But, if you are looking for a dentist at the moment, here’s what I have to offer.

A Simple Concept:

We treat everyone like they are a member of our family and we follow the simple principle of “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself”. That’s right the GOLDEN RULE which we follow at Maven Dental Castle Hill, formerly Dental Excellence. Our “values” of FAMILY, FUN and EXCELLENCE reflect that.

So How DO You Choose A Dentist?

The office needs to be state-of-the-art.

Our office is just that! Remember you cannot have 21st Century dentistry performed using 1970’s, 1980’s or even 1990’s technology and equipment. Because dentistry is changing so rapidly due to the introduction of new technologies, it is vital to maintain a focus on “current” technologies and techniques. As a result, we focus on continually UPDATING so that whatever we do is the best around.

Do they use amalgam (mercury) fillings?

Having children made me realise that I could never use amalgam. I wouldn’t consider putting amalgam in their teeth so, in good conscience, I could not put it in any one else’s. There are much better alternatives today though it requires constant learning updates to be able to use these alternative materials well. I have taught and continue to teach these techniques nationally and around the world, so the best materials are available at Maven Dental Castle Hill (formerly Dental Excellence).

Look at your dentists teeth!

Have a look at your dentists teeth! Sounds simple, but if their teeth are awful, why do you think they can provide a solution to you that they do not feel strongly about for themselves.
Every treatment recommendation we make for you is what we would choose for ourselves or our families. That means we never recommend a denture when there is a better alternative, and we never recommend patch ups or short-term solutions. We will not take a tooth out that we know we can save. What we do is look at your teeth and give you straight advice – the treatment we would choose for our family, our best friends or ourselves.

Have you been given OPTIONS?

There are generally many choices to return your teeth to health. Having options explained assists you in making a careful decision. Also, you’ve heard the adage “If you’re a hammer, everything you see is a nail”, well at Maven Dental Castle Hill we don’t just have one option to treat your teeth so we can provide you with many options of treatment alternatives based on your budget, time available and long term goals.

A pleasant environment with no waiting.

When we go to a doctor we don’t want to be kept waiting an hour in a room, with tatty magazines to read and a crowd of people all around us. So you’ll notice our reception area is a little bit different. It’s modern, sunny and friendly. But nice as it is, you won’t spend long there because the chances are better than 95% that we’ll see you on time.

Personalised attention.

Have you ever been to a dental office where the dentist was hopping around from room to room or, even worse, where you never knew which dentist you were seeing until they turned up? That’s not what we would want. At Maven Dental Castle Hill, formerly Dental Excellence, we set aside the time to focus 100% on you. You’ll find you get your dentistry done in a lot less appointments this way.

A stable team.

Do you remember that old show Cheers- “Where everybody knows your name”? Well that’s the sort of business we’ve got (without the bar!). The practice was established in 1996. I have been here about 15 years, and providing dental care for over 25 years. Our office manager, Paula, has been here over 10 years. My associate dentists, Sam and Ivan have been here for a combined 15 years. We’re no fly by night business. We’re here to help you for the long haul.

Please may I make a suggestion?

While you are reading this outline, give us a call, or contact us by CLICKING HERE. The first step would be to have a thorough examination and get any needed x-rays. When you’ve had that done, we’ll be able to tell you the full story about your dental health and give you clear, “no-mucking-around” recommendations and an exact costing for any treatment you may need. Where you go from there is up to you, but if you like what you’ve read here I hope you stay around and bring your friends.

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