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Dental Insurance Companies

Dental Insurance companies are corporate organizations that offer reimbursement, either directly to the dentist or to the patient, for services rendered involving dental cleanings, procedures, surgeries, and cosmetic procedures, such as whitening and orthodontics. Most often, dental insurance companies charge a yearly premium to belong, and then require…Read More

International Dentists
International Dentists

Dentistry is an industry that is perhaps most reputable and well-known in the United States, but plenty of popular international locales have stellar dental professionals who are servicing patients in their own countries, and from abroad.

-London Dental Studio: Cosmetic and General Dentistry in London England
-SWI Dental Studio: Teeth whitening,…Read More

Oral Cancer Websites

Oral cancer, including tongue, gum, jaw, cheek, and pharyngeal, nasopharyngeal and laryngeal are more common than people are aware of. While everyone can be affected by oral or throat cancers, current and former tobacco users are most susceptible.

There are several websites that provide information, research, screening information, help and support,…Read More

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