Dentist and veterinarian offices can reopen

People are doing to help. The two openings. Leah says “the next time you have…

People are doing to help.

The two openings.

Leah says “the next time you have your dentist appointment you are probably going to be waiting out here in the parking lot.

In your car.

Instead of inside in the waiting room.”

It might seem like it’s been months.

But after about 1 month.

Dr. spendlove so we are opening our office back up .

Dentist offices can open again for all procedures starting tomorrow.

Dr.spendlove we are taking precautions obivously.

One of the new requirements from governor brown is having enough ppe.

Dr. spendlove yeah, we do.

We have enough ppe.

We are able to get some of that still, just our normall ppe that we regularly use.

Dr. spendlove is one of the dentists at open door family dentistry.

He says teeth cleanings are also changing for the time being.

Dr.spendlove so there’s a ultrasonic spray when they clean teeth.

So we’ve decided not to use our ultrasonics.

Cleanings will be done with just these instruments.

I asked dr. spendlove if he feels safe and confident reopeing.

Dr.spendlove yeah i do.

I feel safe.

I feel like we are taking all the standard measures and we are even taking extra precautions.

One of the other medical offices allowed to reopen tomorrow is veterinarians.

But they are running into a different problem.

Governor brown says the oregon health authority needs to set the guidelines first.

I called multiple veterinarian offices today.

All of them waiting to see what those guidelines are before talking to me on camera.

But i think most people can agree with how dr. spendlove feels.

Spendlove i’m very excited to get back to work.

I’m especially excited to see our staff members and patients.

In medford leah thompson newswatch

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