Dentist issues urgent warning over ‘mask mouth’ amid coronavirus crisis

Dentist shares quick trick for making face masks fit better



A dentist has issued an alarming warning about ‘mask mouth’ – here’s how to prevent it.

While most of us are now pretty comfortable wearing a mask, one dentist has warned about the effects they have.

The dental expert has sounded the alert to millions of people currently wearing face masks every single day.

Their alarming warning, which is making headlines across the country, comes in a bid to inform you about the impact the coverings could be having on your oral health and hygiene.

Dr Jeffrey Sulitzer, Chief Clinical Officer of SmileDirectClub, explained: “Covering your mouth and nose for long periods of time impacts your breathing and forces you to breathe more through your mouth.

“As a result, this restricts the flow of moisture which can cause dryness in your mouth.”

He continued: “A dry mouth has the increased tendency for cavities, gum disease and bad breath.”

Dr Sulitzer advised: “If you’re wearing a mask for long periods of time, you should enhance your normal oral hygiene program, hydrate between wearing masks, and try using sugar free lozenges or gum to promote salivary flow.”

Dr Girish Mohan of the Hartford HealthCare Center for Dermatology also addressed the phenomenon.

He said: “The masks are a great way to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19, but they can cause repetitive friction and redirect your own airflow against the face.”

Dr Mohan continued: “Each time we inhale and exhale, moisture accumulates and the mask traps it against the skin of the face.”

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