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5 Ways Intelligent Lighting Brings the Industrial IoT (IIoT) to Facility Management

Whether a facility manufactures steel equipment, or stores frozen food, lighting is a critical part of running an efficient operation. With intelligent lighting working in tandem with lighting controls, facility managers have the ability to adjust light levels across specific workstations or areas, use daylight harvesting to harness ambient light to illuminate the facility, create customized schedules for when the lights should be on, and much more.



How to Assess the Need for Post-Winter Parking Lot Repairs

The winter season brought damaging weather and precipitation for roads, sidewalks, and – importantly for facility managers – parking lots. With the cold weather and snow behind us and spring now in full effect, it’s time for facility managers to evaluate their parking lots for any defects in need of repair.



Track and Protect Vital Industrial Assets with Print Yourself Asset Tags

Without proper asset management, equipment and tools shared across departments or jobsites can be misplaced, lost, stolen, or inadequately maintained. Asset and financial audits can get complicated. So, asset tags are utilized to ensure efficient workflow, reduce administrative overhead, and keep tools and equipment in good working order.


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