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Exercise with Drumsticks! It’s all the new rage. It’s a new fitness craze with drumsticks!…

with Drumsticks! It’s all the new rage. It’s a new fitness craze with
drumsticks! Pound out your frustrations while losing weight and getting
in shape. Numerous fitness programs across the US are now incorporating
cardio drumsticks into their cardio fitness programs. They’ve found
that this new fad brings a unique approach to working out while keeping
the ‘fun’ element involved. Drumstick exercise classes have evolved
incorporating Pilates -like routines where you either beat the sticks
on a ball or on the floor or clicking them together all the while moving
to the beat and shedding pounds. If you haven’t tried a drumsticks workout,
you’re truly missing out! Getting ripped while drumming to music is
definitely a better way to workout! Search your local directories or
the net for drumstick exercise classes and put some more fun into your
workouts. If you need exercise drumsticks, contact us at 1-800-DRUM

are hundreds of drumsticks on the market for drummers but it’s only
been recent that drumming has entered the cardio fitness arena. Where
percussive sticks come in various sizes and shapes, drumsticks for exercise
classes require more weight in each stick so that it contributes to
muscle tone. DRUM BUM offers not only that extra weight but firm, comfortable
grips (drumsticks with handles!) that make it easier to hold the stick
while working out. Buy your cardio drumming supplies with us!

rip up that gym contract just yet. If they have a drumming fitness program
or cardio drumming class, you’ll now have more fun exercising and losing
weight than ever before! Get a full body workout with aerobic exercise
and toning through weighted drumsticks and a high-intesity fitness routine.
Drumming is now the new craze in fitness and Drum Bum has your sticks.
Don’t be left out!

 We have had requests for plain, large, thick, heavy wooden drumsticks
at a lower price. We listened and you can find them in our store as
well. Not everyone has the budget for the fancy, colorful, weighted
stix so we now have an alternative. In a drumsticks class? Or maybe
you have the drumstick exercise video at home. Rock out to your favorite
music while drumming to the beat and pounding off those calories! Working
out with drumsticks is a blast!

More Information on our Drum Sticks or Supplies?
Call us at 1-800 DRUM BUM (378-6286)

and Get Ripped with Weighted Stix!


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