How big and fast is the wellness and health industry growing according to statistics and facts?

Health and wellness are interlinked to create general wellbeing for an individual. Many people have been made aware of the great importance of wellness and how it affects the physical health, emotional and social health of an individual.

Good eating habits, an active lifestyle coupled with fitness, and adequate exercises have been proven to be a sure way of achieving wellness and good health.

The wellness industry is a very broad field as it cuts across different parts of human life such as; emotional, spiritual, social, and physical wellbeing.

According to researches and studies obtained from, individuals who wish to experience a healthy and happy lifestyle must inhibit all the good eating and fitness habits in order to achieve a good physical and mental state of mind.

Aside from fitness and maintaining a good eating habit, there are also other things to do to achieve the general well being of the body. Most effective diet plans which can be used to eat a balanced diet can be obtained from a dietician and also good skincare routine is very important in achieving a good lifestyle.


Some health and wellness industry statistics and facts

  • With more people getting the awareness on health benefits of maintaining good wellbeing; the wellness industry has seen a huge increase in numbers which is seen to even produce more lasting effects in the long run.
  • It is said that the global economic output has skyrocketed due to the increase in the health and wellness sector with its total global health finance currently about $4.2 trillion.
  • Key wellness industry has experienced more economic output include; beauty, personal and anti-aging care.
  • Healthy food in the wellness industry is ranked second place in the global economic output which is about $702 billion.
  • The spa sector of the wellness industry has seen a rise in revenue growth from around 2015 to 2017, experiencing a yearly growth of about 9.8%.
  • The fitness market is at the fourth stage of the wellness global economy which is currently valued at around $595 billion.


Trends in the health and wellness industry in the global market

Some of the common trends of wellness which the wellness industry is faced with include;

  • The rise in immunity products which can increase the efficiency of the immune system to fight against infections as the world is currently facing a pandemic.
  • Another trend is the ever-growing market for food and healthy food supplements. Eating the right quality of food has been seen to help the body fight infections and the nutrients and vitamins derived from healthy foods cannot be overemphasized.
  • Home-based fitness centers have taken a huge leap due to the situation of the world. A rise in the making use of gym equipment at home has sure increased the rate of smart devices to aid fitness activities.
  • Mental health and wellness is another trend that many people and even companies have tried to come up with ways in which to combat the challenge of mental health disorders due to stress and the long periods of lockdown.



The impact of wellness in human life cannot be overemphasized and its importance are numerous as well. The wellness industry is one that would experience a long-lasting rise in the global economy.