Is vaping healthier than smoking?

Vaping vs smoking. Countless numbers of articles, debates, and researches have been published and discussed so far on this issue. If you are a smoker and want to switch on vaping then you might be considering is it a healthier option than smoking? This article will help you in knowing the difference between vaping and smoking moreover, also cover the points that which option is safer from the health point of view.

What is vaping?

E-cigarettes are a battery-operated device that emits a vaporized solution of chemicals and nicotine vape juice. The intention is to provide an impression of inhaling tobacco smoke without actually smoking.

Hazards of tobacco smoking:

Nicotine is the primary agent in both tobacco smoking and e-cigarettes however in e-cigarettes we can choose the quantity of nicotine being added in our cigarettes whereas in tobacco smoking there is no such choice for its consumers which makes it more harmful than the other.

Nicotine is a highly addictive agent. However, studies have revealed that there are so many health problems associated with smoking but addiction is the one which came first since most people after even knowing about their health problems are unable to quit smoking because of its being highly addictive.

Health benefits of E-cigarettes.

There has been a lot of debates on the health benefits caused by E-cigarettes I am listing some of them here. Researchers have been supporting the fact that e-cigarettes can be used as a tool to quit smoking. However, researches are still going on. Few of the benefits which are now established are as follows:

  • Recent studies have shown that switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes can reduce the chances of having a stroke and heart diseases since vaping improves the function of blood vessels as compared to tobacco smoking.
  • The main difference between smoking and vaping is that smoking the burning end of cigarettes creates tobacco smoke. This process of combustion is responsible for producing carcinogenic chemicals whereas in e-cigarettes combustion does not take place.
  • When it comes to flavor, there are many options to choose from. There are many new flavors of vape juice being introduces every now and then to satisfy the cravings of a customer
  • E-cigarettes give its user control over nicotine intake. it comes in all strength from nicotine-free to high level of nicotine. It provides its customer to choose a better option for themselves.
  • Apart from having health effects these e-cigarettes are actually causing an economic burden on a pocket to overcome this effect these e-cigarettes are playing their role. They are less economical than tobacco smoking. You can check more detail here


Excess use of everything can lead to complications. Although it is safer for smokers to make the transition from tobacco smoke to e-cigarettes however, prolonged use of e-cigarettes can also lead to various health-related issues including lung diseases and the immune system.