Nogales AZ Dentist, Family & Cosmetic Dentists

Nogales dentist Dr. Bill Ardito’s primary purpose is to produce the highest quality, comprehensive dental care to every patient. Here at Sunshine Dentistry AZ we practice conservative dentistry, and always strive to preserve as much natural tooth whenever possible. We take the time to earn a patient’s trust and understand their fears, needs and desires. Our practice enjoys an 84% referral rate for a reason: we love our patients, we practice excellent dentistry and we treat each patient with care & respect. Our mission is to make sure our patients feel like a valued individual to our practice. Sunshine Dentistry AZ is unique because we are people driven, not procedure driven.

Dr. Ardito is a general and cosmetic dentist and we welcome your entire family to join us in taking great care of your oral health. Cosmetic services range from teeth whitening to porcelain veneers and clear, short-term braces. In the case of a badly damaged or chipped tooth, we’ll always try to preserve the tooth if possible but can provide dental crowns, extractions and more when needed. Dental implants are a major focus area for our practice and often the best solution for those with missing teeth. We also practice exciting new therapies that can stop cavities dead in their tracks, without the need for drilling. We’ve learned this helps alleviate some fears with higher anxiety patients!

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