Personal Trainer Software For Personal Trainers And Fitness Professionals

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Customize your site with your own articles, success stories, products, advertising, graphics, etc. (Unlimited custom pages)

Workout Wizard to print and email workouts

Exercise Library

Fitness Analysis for lead capture

Contact Us page

Trainer Profile page

Events Calendar & Events Registration pages

Food Search

Setup products & services and Accept Payments

Print invoices & waiver forms

Calendar to track your schedule

Connect with a Mobile Device to track daily schedule

Lead Network

Client Logins – each client has their own login to their personal profile, calendar, workouts, favorites, etc.


Scheduling and management of clients


Set client goals


Calculate client’s required daily calorie intake and average calorie expenditure


Track client measurements and upload before and after pictures


Create reusable custom workout routines and meal plans in seconds


Complete library of Workout Plans with exercises showing images & video


Send emails and post messages to clients, including morning email tips and workouts in PDF


Set up Membership Levels with any feature turned on or off


Fitness Community & Blog Module


Connect with a Mobile Device to track client workouts


Clients connect with a Mobile Device to track workouts and food diary


Print workouts, invoices, waiver forms, assessment forms & progress reports


Fitness Rewards Module


Unlimited Trainer Logins



Fitness Plan & Workout Generator



Advanced Administration Options



Additional content in the libraries such as more workouts, fitness plans, meals, etc.



Completely Automated Solution – everything is automated for client sign up, client setup and direct payment to your account



Account Options







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