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“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence” – Vince Lombardi

I wish that it was me who first thought to say “if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”, because if anything sums up the ethos of Ultimate Performance personal training this phrase is it.

We constantly strive to be perfect Personal Trainers, in the perfect gym environment, with the perfect personal training methodology. But as we all know, attaining anything close to perfection is always a challenge, especially in something as inherently complex and individualised as personal training.

Trying to find the perfect Personal Trainer for your specific needs can be a tricky business. There are only a few of us with any sort of profile, so sorting the wheat from the chaff can be a rather confusing process. In fact, the hardest part of my job as the boss of the number one personal training team in London is hiring the right Personal Trainers to match our world-class standards. This is despite the fact that we even have our own successful Personal Trainer Education Academy that trains fitness professionals from all over the world. So if I struggle and only interview an average of one applicant per 115 Personal Trainers who apply for a job, heaven help the unsuspecting potential client looking for a great personal trainer but who lacks my insider knowledge.

It is for this reason that this website is set up a bit differently from any other personal training site that you will find. We can tell you that we are fantastic and the best celebrity Personal Trainers in the land, but self-praise is an easy accolade to pick up and doesn’t help you to cut through the BS and find the very best Personal Trainer for your unique and specific needs. So the aim of this website is to entertain and inform you by showing you that we really do know more about achieving maximum results in minimum time than you ever thought possible.

London Mayfair Gym – “The Best Personal Training Gym in London”- Men’s Health UK Singapore Gym – “The Largest Personal Training Gym in Asia”- Time Out Singapore Marbella Gym – “The European Training Mecca!” - Muscle & Fitness London Mayfair Gym – “The Best Personal Training Gym in London”- Men’s Health UK
Singapore Gym – “The Largest Personal Training Gym in Asia”- Time Out Singapore
Marbella Gym – “The European Training Mecca!” – Muscle & Fitness

We will show off our knowledge of all things related to improving your body composition; our groundbreaking personal training gyms that have been described as “the best personal training facilities in London” by the likes of Men’s Health; and most importantly of all we will show you the results that we consistently achieve with our personal training clients, because no other London Personal Trainer comes close to doing what we can do.

Big words and big promises I know, but if you visit our “real results” section at the top of this page, you can see that we can back up every word that I write. Our clients run the gamut from City of London professionals to international bodybuilders and Victoria’s Secret models, from Olympic athletes to pop and soap opera stars, people whose careers rely upon us to help them look and perform at the very top of their game.

We have numerous accolades and testimonials, all of which you should look for in any personal trainer worth their salt, but perhaps it all comes down to this one question that you need to ask yourself:

“Your Body is Your Most Precious Asset, Who Would You Trust With It?”

If I were asked this question I know what my answer would be – I would trust the Personal Trainer who shows me the most proof and makes me feel the most comfortable.

And why is UP widely recognised throughout the Personal Training industry as “the worlds leading personal trainers”? I can give you a vague answer and reel off important yet soft factors such as culture, education, passion and quality control, but rather than waffle allow me to give you a few facts.

UP is the only international Personal Training business in the world, with our own gyms in London, Marbella, Singapore, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. This means that I oversee 2,000 plus personal training sessions every week and have a unique insight into the methodologies that get the best results in real world situations with our specific demographic of busy, often highly stressed, 30-50 year old clients. No one else in the world has access to the information that the “human laboratory” of UP worldwide can produce, and this has been instrumental in allowing us to refine our processes and generate the results that we are famous for.

So sit back, take your time and browse through our site, check out our credentials, personal training testimonials, and results and if you want to learn more and make an appointment then contact us and we’d love to get back to you with any advice that we can.

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