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Soumya Gayatri shows Indian women how to lose weight fast even while enjoying Indian foods.

Soumya Gayatri, the weight loss specialist has created a proven weight loss system that allows Indian women to lose weight fast and without having to make any major food sacrifices. Women battling weight problems can use the solutions offered by Soumya to gain back their desired body contours.

“As I was the only one in my family put on weight despite getting very sick, I would just curse myself and my body and I always wondered why I didn’t lose weight ever,” says Soumya Gayatri while speaking about how she battled weight issues from an early age. “After I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I knew that I had one mission – to make women feel their best. My focus was on helping Indian women lose weight without having to give up their favorite Indian foods.”

Soumya internalized that she was fat even when she was just a few pounds over normal weight. To overcome the problem, she was always into some form of diet or the other. She would diet from Monday to Friday and go on an eating binge on weekends. Her constant attempts at losing weight and repeated failures to achieve her weight goals led to low self-confidence which affected all areas of her life.

Her unfortunate miscarriage in 2010 led Soumya to take her health more seriously and also set her thinking about whether there are any inherent health issues. She joined the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in 2012 soon after the birth of her baby in 2011. She graduated in 2013.

After completing her IIN degree she knew that she wanted to help women feel their best. She decided to experiment and find ways of helping women lose weight while maintaining a good lifestyle.

According to Soumya, maintaining a balanced body weight with Indian food is a tricky thing. This is especially true of vegetarians as their food comprises mostly of grains. Soumya overcame the problem by devising some mindset techniques. According to her, mind work plays an important role in the weight management process.

Soumya’s innovative approach paid off when her clients started reporting visible and impressive results. She also showed her clients the importance of consuming smaller quantities of food and stop eating when they feel that their stomach is three-fourths full. This is a simple yet effective way of preventing over-eating and losing weight. She also advises her clients not to watch TV or use the phone while eating.

Soumya’s clients also benefitted from the concept of “Adding In” – something that she had learned at the IIN. It involves adding in new foods that are nutritionally dense instead of avoiding foods that are not nutritionally dense. Adding extra veggies and nuts can magically prevent the craving for burgers, fries, or Indian treats according to Soumya.

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About Soumya Gayatri Coaching:

Soumya Gayatri is an Indian weight loss expert who uses an unconventional approach to help Indian women lose weight fast even while enjoying the best of Indian delicacies foods. Her own weight loss battles led her to experiment with creative ways of achieving weight loss that involve small portions, adding in, and mindset work.

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