Powell, OH Dentist | DentalWorks

“Love my new smile! Thank you!!”

K.B. | Google

“I suffer from high Dental anxiety, as soon as I got there Jerika welcomes me with open arms. During the procedure both her and the Dentist were very patient with me and made sure I was very comfortable. The biggest thing for me, Jerika stayed by my side the whole time. She made sure everything went smoothly.”

D.B. | Google

“If you want an outstanding, amazing professional to meet your dental hygiene needs, Paige is the hygienist you need to see! She’s gentle, thorough, friendly, and judgment free. The new dentist, Dr. John, is very friendly and welcoming. The manager was warm and welcoming. I’m glad I returned as a patient!”

K.M. | Google

“I have been extremely pleased with our experience thus far at DentalWorks Powell! The office is very clean and orderly and run efficiently. Paige has been our

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Reynoldsburg, OH Dentist | DentalWorks

“I recently went from my wife’s insurance to mine. Had to go to a large chain dentist with her insurance. They demoralized me about my teeth and how long its been since I was at a dentist. I never went back to that chain after the first visit. With my new insurance I was able to go to Dentalworks. Let me tell you, I am glad I did. I had waited too long to go to a dentist and had tooth pain. The staff at Dentalworks was super friendly and didn’t “shame” me for not seeing a dentist sooner like the other place. The said “all that matters is you are here now and we will get you taken care of”. P.S.-not sure if its because of a different insurance, but Dentalworks is about 60% less expensive AND they do all the work in house. The other “large chain” dentist

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Medina, OH Dentist | DentalWorks

“I was referred to the Strongsville DenatlWorks to get a root canal with Dr. Koppuravuri . I was anxious and in pain. Dr. Koppuravuri explained what he needed to do before he started work and if I felt pain, he stopped to give more pain relief. I really appreciate his concern for my comfort. His assistant was very nice as well. They entire staff was friendly and welcoming, I highly recommend this office to any friends and family for all of their dental care needs.”

D.C. | Google

“Professional, kind and gentle. My dental hygienist has a great sense of humor also. The Dentists and team are ahead of the curve in insuring my gums are healthy, checking my BP, medicines, giving advice on best oral care.”

J.S. | Google

“I am so glad I switched my dental care over to Dental Works. They are prompt, do an excellent job

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Aurora, OH Dentist | DentalWorks

“Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Quality Dr/”

P.D. | Google

“Awesome staff and service!”

R.L. | Google

“It’s always a good day at Dental Works! The staff is very friendly and always accommodating! My husband and I have been going there for 10yrs and have Tammi do our cleanings! She’s wonderful!”

D.C. | Google

“Great staff. Make you feel at ease. Highly recommend.”

R.H. | Google

“Worked with my budget and came up with a treatment plan that worked for me.”

J.S. | Google

“Great team that really care. I appreciate the way they take care of patients.”

H.A. | Google

“Just had all four wisdom teeth extracted yesterday and of course it is a very painful procedure they made it very comforting. Dr. Raj is professional as they come.”

C.R. | Google

“Very friendly and professional”

C.R. | Google

“Very well taken care of. All personnel were great.”

B.C. | Google

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High Point, NC Dentist | DentalWorks

“I loved my visit ❤️ to your office I got what I was looking for”

B.M. | Google

“I have been very happy with Dr. Lee and the entire staff. My condition was explained as well as my opinions and costs to correct. Would highly recommend y’all.”

C.E. | Google

“The staff was friendly ?My dental assistant she was excellent and Dr. Chase was alright with me????As of March 11, 2020 I am very pleased with their services. The staff is always Friendly, in good Spirits, there is comfortable, relaxed environment. Thanks”

C.F. | Google

“I was very impressed with Dr. Lee’s courtesy and skill. I had 2 front teeth that were chipped and missing enamel. She fixed both of them very professionally and the results are smooth and natural feeling and it looks a lot better too. I would recommend her.”

L.H. | Google

“I am always uptight and

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Cary, NC Dentist | DentalWorks

“Awesome staff – knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and caring.”

C.Y. | Facebook

“My visit went better then I had expected. I had a pain free and gentle filling done. The staff were great!”

R.S. | Facebook

“Friendliness of employees.”

D.D. | Facebook

“on time , excellent service & cost friendly I do not have dental insurance”

D.S. | Facebook

“I’m not fond of doctors and dentists, but I do however like going to Dental Works when needed. They are experienced, very nice and a friendly, helpful staff!! Hi highly recommend them!!”

L.W. | Facebook

“Very friendly an efficient staff!”

L.L. | Facebook

“the calm before the storm ..the kindness of the staff”

C.H. | Facebook

“The staff is so caring and gentle, helpful too. we have been a patient for several years and have no complaint.”

L.P. | Facebook

“all employees were great. they were very respectful and very nice! I’m

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Spartanburg, SC Dentist | DentalWorks

“I always enjoy coming here for my dental care every one is friendly and the hygienist and Dentists are very gentle in caring for my mouth without making it painful. Thank all of you”

A.S. | Google

“Great as always. Very informative and will spend as much time with you as needed. I had a tooth chip and they worked me quickly to start the process of getting things fixed.”

D.L. | Google

“From the beginning I knew that I had received a good recommendation from my insurance provider. When call Dental Works in Greenville to make an appointment with the oral surgeon and informed them that I lived in Spartanburg she said they also had a office at the Dorman Center. Dr.Breck and his assistant was awesome from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend their office.”

D.M. | Google

“Do you need quick dental care at a

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Northeast Memphis, TN Dentist | DentalWorks

“I love the staff, they are friendly and I always feel welcome. The are adorable and they are honest. When you need work done they let you know. The hygienist is gentle when flossing, I’ve experienced rough flossers so I like this location the best.”

T.B. | Google

“Dr.Schmidt was great and Leigh gave me a outstanding cleaning. The office Managers explained my treatment options in details. I love the customer service, I will reference others!!!”

A.M. | Google

“DR. SCHMIDT and assistant Cameron was the best! Such a friendly staff!”

Y.J. | Facebook

“Great Job!! Awesome staff.”

M.O. | Google

“Perfect hygienist”

M.A. | Google

“I have always received excellent care with DentalWorks. Pleasant staff and not long wait time.”

D.M. | Facebook

“Everything and everyone was awesome!”

B.L. | Facebook

“quick service and good work,and very cold in waiting area.”

M.W. | Facebook

“Great people and service!!”


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South Durham, NC Dentist | DentalWorks

“I wanna tell you the truth about DentalWorks SouthPoint. My REAL experience. First off, I’m a 43 year old man who only had 3 dental visits his whole life. I needed work……..badly. My first visit with DentalWorks was in Burlington where I had a consultation. I was assessed and given a treatment plan. I would have surgery in February. February turned into March and March into April. Finally the day of surgery I was told I was too unhealthy and they would not do the procedu…”

J.M. | Facebook

“Efficient and friendly. Been my Dentist for three years”

T.H. | Facebook

“friendly, competent staff”

B.M. | Facebook

“friendly staff, easy scheduling appointments”

Y.R. | Facebook

“The friendly people and they let you know everything before they do it.”

R.P. | Facebook

“Dentalworks Southpoint is an excellent dental group!  My husband and I were warmly welcomed by all staff members and

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Hickory, NC Dentist | DentalWorks

“No one enjoys visiting the dentist, especially when there is work to be done. I have personally avoided a dentist’s chair for approximately 12 years due to traumatic experiences from 2008. I could not wait any longer and needed an extraction. The person at the front desk was professional. The dental hygienist Donna, was pleasant and personable and the doctor, Dr. Paul McMurry was phenomenal. The two of them, through their chair-side manner, knowledge, and friendly patient engagement, made this the first positive dental visit I’ve ever experienced. Thank you, DentalWorks Hickory, and especially Dr. McMurry and Donna.”

A.H. | Google

“Always so friendly and professional.”

C. | Google

“The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. They did a very thorough checkup on my teeth. Then they came in and explained what they had just done and why they had done it that way. Told me what work needed to be

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