Jose Mourinho fears for Harry Kane’s fitness amid thigh injury

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Tottenham fear Harry Kane will aggravate his thigh injury if England manager Gareth Southgate sticks with a plan to start his captain against Denmark.

Southgate will put himself on a collision course with Spurs boss Jose Mourinho if Kane suffers any ill-effects on Wednesday night. The England boss has already risked angering the Portuguese boss by introducing Kane for the final 25 minutes of the 2-1 win over Belgium on Sunday. 

Speaking after the match, Southgate tried to head off any controversy by insisting Kane was only suffering from muscle fatigue.

Harry Kane holding a football ball: Tottenham fear Harry Kane will aggravate his thigh injury if he starts against Denmark

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Tottenham fear Harry Kane will aggravate his thigh injury if he starts against Denmark

a man wearing a suit and tie: England boss Gareth Southgate plans to start Kane after risking him for 25 minutes vs Belgium

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England boss Gareth Southgate plans to start Kane after risking him for 25 minutes vs Belgium

However, Sportsmail understands Kane carried a thigh problem into the current set

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Why Apple Focuses On Health And Fitness

In 2009, I discussed with an Apple exec who shared with me the impact Steve Jobs’ health crisis had on the Apple execs and many of its employees. 

As we now know, in 2003, Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a disease that eventually claimed his life in 2011. Apple’s execs and other employees close to Jobs watched in dismay as they saw their beloved leader suffering through this medical crisis. Those who knew him well were deeply moved by what they saw as they sat by helplessly as his health declined.

In early 2010, Apple’s top execs made an important decision about Apple’s future. Although they were working feverishly to get the iPad to market by Q4 of that year, they started looking hard at ways that Apple could use their

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Why Planet Fitness Stock Is a Better Investment Than Peloton Stock

Like so many other industries, gyms across the nation were shut down due to COVID-19. Companies offering at-home fitness solutions — like Peloton (NASDAQ:PTON) — should continue to thrive in this environment thanks to featuring products that enable both fitness and social distancing.

When thinking longer term, however, Planet Fitness (NYSE:PLNT) — a traditional brick-and-mortar gym chain — is the best way to invest in the space. Here’s why.

A woman working out.

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Better investment in a post-COVID world

Planet Fitness offers shareholders better value. The company trades hands at a trailing price to sales multiple of 8.9. Planet Fitness sales will shrink this year before rebounding in 2021. To compare, Peloton exchanges hands for a trailing price to sales multiple of 16.4. This is even after the stock pulled back 15% off of all-time highs this month. Planet Fitness’s forward earnings multiple of 34 also matches up favorably to

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Chicago Startup Predicts The Future Of Fitness Post Pandemic

The $4.5 trillion global wellness economy is being transformed before our eyes. Those that invest in the trends that stick and dominate will be significantly healthier, at least financially. There are some clear winners we’ve seen during the pandemic, but based on market trends and consumer feedback, the landscape continues to shift. 

To help shine a light on how wellness consumers, fitness professionals and gym owners see the future of fitness once the dust settles, I met with Jeana Anderson Cohen, the founder and CEO of aSweatLife. Her firm has had a finger on the pulse on the latest fitness trends over the past few years thanks to its annual State of Fitness survey. 

Given the enormous disruption of the fitness industry resulting from the pandemic-related lock-downs and social distancing, aSweatLife recently conducted The State of Fitness During the Global Covid-19

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Fitness Trackers Can Help You Become the Best Version of Yourself

Fitness trackers have come a long way in helping people live healthier lives. They give you that little extra push when you need it most. Real-time information on how you are progressing towards your fitness goals keeps you engaged in your fitness. Likewise, help form your community, whether between groups of co-workers, friends or your family, makes achieving fitness goals easier than ever. Fitness trackers do wonders for motivating and enabling people to be the healthiest version of themselves.

Fitness trackers are more advanced than ever. Once touted as convenient way to see how many steps you take throughout the day, today’s fitness trackers can measure your distance when you run, how long you need to recover before your next workout and even keep you connected to your phone without having your phone on you. As you begin to take your health and fitness more serious, here are some things

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Fitness studio class vs. gym workouts: Is one safer than the other?


Fitness studios are getting creative to protect people in group workout classes, but is it enough?

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Gyms and fitness studios are opening up around the country, but some remain closed indefinitely as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The ones that are open are required to follow strict guidelines put into place by health and local authorities, like limiting capacity, doing temperature checks at the door and enforcing social distancing rules to curb COVID-19 spread. Even then, some people still worry about safety in gyms and fitness studios in the wake of a pandemic.

In New York City, gyms were recently given the green-light to reopen, but fitness studios were not. For many people, and studio owners, this raised the question: are fitness studios any less safe than gyms, even if they can uphold the same safety measures and safety precautions? 

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Why Planet Fitness and Floor & Decor Holdings Jumped Double Digits in August, but Camping World Fell 20%

What happened

Shares of construction-oriented retailer Floor & Decor Holdings (NYSE:FND) rose 11% in August according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. Gym company Planet Fitness (NYSE:PLNT) had an even better showing, rising 16.5%. However, all retail names didn’t do nearly that well, with recreational vehicle and outdoor specialist Camping World Holdings (NYSE:CWH) off by roughly 20.5% in the month. 

August represents an interesting turn of events when you step back and look at the earnings of each of these three retail names. To help put that in perspective, however, it helps to examine the price performance of the stocks between January and August. Over that eight month span Camping World Holdings was up 97%, Floor & Decor was up 44%, and Planet Fitness was down nearly 19%. For reference, the S&P 500 index was up 8.5% over the same period. 

An arm pointing to graph on computer screen

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So what

Planet Fitness

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Fitness Center for Your Rental Property: Worth the Investment?

a close up of some shoes: Fitness Center for Your Rental Property: Worth the Investment?

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Fitness Center for Your Rental Property: Worth the Investment?

If you’re wondering what amenities you can add to your rental property to attract more tenants or higher rents, you may have considered adding a fitness center. You’d be making would-be renters very happy if you did.

According to, 92% of new rental properties had an on-site fitness center in 2019. If you’re building a new apartment complex, you’ll likely want to avoid being in that other 8%. And if you’ve got an existing rental building, it’s time to think about adding a fitness center or upgrading what you currently have on site.

The draw of an on-site fitness center surveyed 3,000 renters to get their opinion on on-site fitness centers. There were three main reasons tenants liked having a gym in their building: convenience, cost, and motivation.

Premium gyms can certainly be

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Apple Fitness Plus: Why the Peloton rival is critical for Apple Watch

  • Apple unveiled a new fitness service called Apple Fitness Plus on Tuesday.
  • The service, like Peloton, offers digital fitness classes led by charismatic trainers that can be viewed on your phone, iPad, or Apple TV.
  • It’s unclear if Apple will be able to challenge Peloton’s appeal, considering Peloton has built a fervent, cult-like following and community.
  • Regardless, Apple Fitness Plus is an important part of Apple’s long-term plan for the Apple Watch, enabling it to keep users hooked and expand the watch’s appeal beyond hardware updates.
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Health has been one of Apple’s major priorities for years, ever since the original Apple Watch debuted in 2015. But the company took a major leap forward in its health ambitions with the introduction of two new Apple Watches and a digital fitness service on Tuesday.

Taken together, the announcements show that Apple has its sights set

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Experts say Peloton doesn’t need to worry about Apple Fitness Plus

  • Apple announced a new subscription fitness program on Tuesday, which will feature workouts instructed by “the world’s best trainers” and set to Apple Music playlists for $9.99 a month. 
  • Though some analysts immediately speculated that Apple may prove a worthy competitor to Peloton, experts told Business Insider that the fitness company’s premium equipment and loyal consumer base will continue to set it apart from Apple. 
  • Peloton subscriptions are just a small percentage of sales, comprising 20% of its total revenue in its most recent quarter, the company reported last week. 
  • “People who just don’t have the $2,000-$3,000 for a machine will likely flock to Apple, but I’m not sure that’s as important to Peloton’s business and investors may think,” said Claude Zdnaow, founder and CEO of marketing agency holding company Stadiumred Group. 
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Apple is eyeing a larger piece of the nearly $100 billion

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