The Best Home Remedies to Relieve Toothaches (By Emergency Dentists)

Home remedies for toothaches recommended by emergency dentists

There’s nothing worse than experiencing an emergency toothache – especially when your dentist isn’t available to call or visit for help.

But don’t fret!

Our Salt Lake City dentists are experts in emergency dental care and pain management. To help you relieve your pain, they have put together a list of the best home remedies to relieve toothaches before visiting an emergency dentist. This list includes:

This list should help tide you over until you can visit your preferred dentist for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Because you must remember: Toothaches are a sign something is wrong – even when the pain goes away. Delaying or avoiding visiting your dentist can end up causing you more pain, more expenses, and more time-intensive treatments to solve your problem than merely having it taken care of at the first sign.

For example, listen to this true story about a home remedy gone

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