The Block star Jess Eva reveals new look after dentist horror

Block star Jess Eva had previously said if there was one thing she could change about herself, it would be her teeth.

“I hate my teeth,” she said in an interview with WHO magazine in 2018.

But after 25 years of having never visited a dentist, the reality star finally built the courage to go — unveiling her flashy set of pearly whites.

Talking on her Triple M radio show Moonman in the Morning this week, Eva told her co-hosts Lawrence Mooney and Chris Page she hadn’t visited a dentist in more than two decades because of a traumatising childhood experience.

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She explained that her fear started “in the school dental van”, where the trainee dentists from her local area would practise on children.

“They would rock up outside the school and because they’re still training (it’s not their fault) they would say ‘I’d need to extract your tooth’ and wouldn’t numb it properly,” she said.

“I could feel the roots coming out of my gums.

“So my last memory of the dentist before I went a couple of weeks ago was the first time in 25 years, because even the sound of the drill gets me sweaty.”

The former The Block contestant, who appeared on the show with husband Norm Hogan, said the “anxiety continued” when she finally did go to the dentist.

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“The dentist had his hands in my mouth and I looked up at his face I looked up at his face and he said ‘suction’ to the nurse.

“And I thought he said ‘suck’, so I started sucking on his finger and he just said ‘what are you doing’?”

Now her “terrible teeth” have been replaced with picture perfect veneers, completely changing her appearance and giving her a whole new look.

It comes a week after Jess admitted she and her husband Norm had already spent the $209,000 prize money they won on the 2018 season of The Block .

“The first thing we bought was two above-ground pools and we handed them out to our friends like lollies,” the mum-of-two revealed on her radio show last Friday.

“We just had friends who had been wanting a pool for ages. The above-ground pool salesman would have thought we were loony!

“They’re $5000 each, so there’s $10,000,” Jess added.

She also revealed a chunk of the cash prize went on a big bet at the tennis.

“Remember when Ash Barty was starting out on the tennis circuit, and we didn’t know she was going to be a winner and she was playing against Maria Sharapova?” asked Jess.

“We put thousands on Maria Sharapova, and it was just when Ash Barty was starting her winning streak, and I just forgot that Maria was just coming back from her drugs ban … I’ll never forget Norm’s look after Maria lost the second set, he just had tears in his eyes.”

The couple had also paid off a friend’s car loan, bought two lawnmowers and even bought a block of land on Queensland’s Russell Island.

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