The Fitness Connection

One on One or Group Fitness Training for Women

Joey Morman

Welcome to the website of The Fitness Connection. While The Fitness Connection
is the name of my fitness training business, it is more than just a name. It
is a philosophy that connects a better, fitter, healthier mind and body with
feeling great about yourself.

A famous talk show host recently commented that
you can’t pretend your body is going to work forever no matter how you treat
it. That statement says it all. If you want to live longer and stronger, you
must take care of yourself. If you are overweight or you are experiencing health
problems, you must exercise and change your eating habits. The benefits are
undeniable. Studies on regular exercise show that it increases longevity, helps
achieve and maintain weight loss, enhances mood, lowers blood pressure and
even reduces the risk of some cancers.

We, as women, live such busy lives. No matter
whom you talk to, it seems like everyone is juggling a million priorities –
whether it’s work, family, an elderly parent, school – the list is endless.
Sometimes, bringing balance into your life just doesn’t seem possible. This
is where The Fitness Connection philosophy comes in, and really, it is quite

If you’re healthy and strong
and you look good, you feel GREAT about yourself. When I say, “look good,” I
do not refer to having a great hair day or sporting a new designer outfit.
Instead I refer to your fitness. If you are exercising regularly and eating
right, you will not only be healthier but you will look better and feel wonderful
about yourself. If you feel great about yourself, everything else in your life
goes smoother. Making your own personal connection to fitness will make you
feel great about yourself.

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As your trainer, I’ll design a custom, efficient workout program based on your
personal goals, lifestyle and pre-existing conditions. No need for the public
(and often intimidating) environment of a gym! Workout in the privacy of my
home gym. If you are currently an active exerciser, I can help you change your
boring routines, refresh an old program and take you to a higher fitness level.
You’ll lose weight, get stronger, be healthier, look good, and feel great.

Read the testimonials of some
of my clients that have made that connection.

Get connected – lose weight, be strong & healthy and feel great about yourself.
That’s The Fitness Connection.

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