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looking for a Gym in Newcastle? 

Look no further, whether you define performance as getting better for your sport or getting in the best shape of your life, The Fitness Rooms is for you! We’re a Gym in Newcastle filled with personality and positive vibes. We pride ourselves in helping every single person that steps foot inside our facility get the results they truly want no matter what it takes.

We are not just a Functional Strength and Conditioning facility filled with all the necessary equipment to guarantee your success. Our core values have helped us build a contagious culture and a great fitness community filled with like-minded people; this has helped us create an environment filled with passion and purpose that is the secret to our success!

It is very common in the fitness industry for people to join a gym or health club and receive zero interaction. You are given a membership card and left to get on with it. We do things a lot differently here at The Fitness Rooms.

No matter your fitness goals, whether you are an athlete, an experienced gym goer or a complete beginner you will be treated with the same attention and dedication that we give all our existing members. Our whole business exists because of the passion we all have for getting results!

We pride ourselves in knowing all our member’s names with a genuine interest in everyone. The atmosphere gives a great sense of camaraderie between trainers and members, and in turn, creates an enjoyable social environment that motivates and inspires you to get the job done!

In our eyes everyone upon entering The Fitness Rooms is equal, all that we ask is that you come with commitment, dedication, and determination so that we can help you #FINDYOURSTRONG

The Fitness Rooms have one mission; to make people stronger both mentally and physically!

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[column size=”1/3”][/column]Gym in Newcastle

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