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The Seattle Blend

Gracing the list of the United States’ most admirable cities is Seattle. It’s one of the most sought-after cities – no, not because of Starbucks – but then again, it might be. It’s because Seattle has the most number of successful college diploma-bearers. Seattle is home to some of the most well-rounded and independent bachelors in the United States. Singles make about 40% of the city population, making it a thriving ground for charismatic singles who either want to make the most out of their early adulthood or just enjoy dating while their youth lasts. And because most Seattle residents are working individuals, it isn’t hard for the government to collect taxes from them. The taxes are well-collected. Public works, in turn, flourish and new businesses are on the rise. This makes Seattle one of the best places to live in for anyone of any age.

And while we’re on the topic of being young, single intellectuals, the learning and health facilities in the city are just looming with state-of-the-art equipment you’ll see with no precedent. In Seattle, health comes first. The medical research facilities are handsomely-endowed by the government and the universities as well. Seattle has also been known to be the pioneer of many historical “firsts” in both the U.S. and the world.

  • The world’s first gas station opened in Seattle. That in itself is a milestone to remember – like when the first long distance call was made.
  • The Mercer Island Floating Bridge is the first floating bridge, while the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge is the longest floating bridge. But wait …a floating bridge? Well, resident Seattle engineers know a thing or two about functionality, don’t they?
  • Seattle loves music. In fact, it was the first U.S. city to play a Beatle’s song on air.
  • Love coffee? Sure you do. The first espresso cart was commercially introduced by Seattle in 1980. But even before that, Seattle was already known for its zest for coffee places. A Starbucks frappucinno, anyone?
  • The Seattle Space Needle is a not a first, but its breathtaking and resilient architecture proves has made it one of America’s prominent hallmarks. On your next trip to Seattle, you better go inside the observation deck and see a breathtaking view of the city and its neighboring communities.

So there you go. If you’re a Seattle resident, be proud of your city and its notable achievements. Truly one of America’s top shelve crown jewels – Seattle.

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