Things you should know and how safe it is in going to the gym during the Pandemic

All was well and smooth with little fear and worry; business activities were carried out physically, people hung out and had fun, fitness houses like gyms were opened and people frequent the place until the Global pandemic – COVID-19 came on board and caused a global lockdown. And people started isolating themselves for fear of contracting the virus.

Even as things are beginning to get into normalcy, people are still afraid of going back to crowded places, concerned for their health and safety. Those who go to the gym for exercise may want to resume workouts but are still scared.

This article addresses the important note of how safe it is going back to the gym house. What are the chances of not contracting the virus? Is there anything you can do to avoid coming in contact with the virus even when going to the gym? These are some of the questions this article shall answer.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that there are still some fitness workouts one can still do at home. Reading reviews of fitness programs can serve as a pointer to some of them and how you can best achieve your results.

Going back to the gym

While places are reopening, your local gym may open too. If you’re like most people who have exercised for long before the lockdown and are now itching to go back, you should know that your health is a priority. Though exercising is also good for your health, the risks of getting the virus are low when you exercise in an open space than in a close, confined place. You can check out how other fitness groups are handling the issue by reading their stories and comments on

Things to remember

As you decide to go back to the gym and if you do end up going to your outdoor gym, it is highly important that you take care of yourself as well as make sure your gym is consistently following COVID-19 safety protocol. It is worthy to note that gym houses must keep in conformity with the WHO requirements; spacing, face mask, hand sanitiser, etc.

If your gym house does not have these requirements, it is best to avoid the gym house or better look for another. There’s also YouTube where you can still watch and learn and practice. You should also know that some people still do not believe in the existence of the virus and may perhaps live their lives without care. Thus, your safety is raised to the power of two. It is heightened.

The WHO recommends that anyone who is sick should not go to the gym. The risk of getting the virus is high and the cells of the body weak. Also, the indoor classes should be limited and more of an outdoor one.


Ensuring your safety in the gym

To protect yourself and others when you go back to the gym, it is necessary that you bring your sanitizer and safety kit. These include your face mask, gloves, disinfectants, soaps and towels amongst others.


Choose Gyms with small class size

The fewer people you encounter the better. Always remember that your health is the priority. If there are alternative ways you can carry out your workouts without going to the gym, it is recommended you do so.