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Ultrafast Repeated Staining and Destaining of Cell Samples for Tumor Diagnostics Mar. 25, 2020 —…

Ultrafast Repeated Staining and Destaining of Cell Samples for Tumor Diagnostics

In the treatment of tumors, microenvironment plays an important role. It often contains immune cells that are so changed that they promote tumor growth. Scientists have introduced a method by which … read more

New Mathematical Model Can More Effectively Track Epidemics

As COVID-19 spreads worldwide, leaders are relying on mathematical models to make public health and economic decisions. A new model improves tracking of epidemics by accounting for mutations in … read more

How Trans Fats Assist Cell Death

Researchers have uncovered a molecular link between some trans fats and a variety of disorders, including cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Their findings implicate their role in … read more

Elections: Early Warning System to Fight Disinformation Online

A new project is an effort to combat the rise of coordinated social media campaigns to incite violence, sew discord and threaten the integrity of democratic … read more

How Bacteria Form Communities on the Human Tongue

Using a recently developed fluorescent imaging technique, researchers in the United States have developed high-resolution maps of microbial communities on the human tongue. The images reveal that … read more

Higher Daily Step Count Linked With Lower All-Cause Mortality

In a new study, higher daily step counts were associated with lower mortality risk from all … read more

Development of a Solid Material Capable of Slowly Releasing H2S and NO

Scientists have developed a solid material capable of slowly releasing hydrogen sulfide and nitric oxide when exposed to air. These gases can induce physiologically favorable effects at low … read more

Teaching Old Transition Metals New Tricks: Chemists Activate Palladium Catalysis by Light

In the production of compounds, chemists have the goal of finding strategies that are most selective and avoid waste products. This helps to drive industrial innovation and drug development. In this … read more

Commonly Used Mouthwash Could Make Saliva Significantly More Acidic, Change Microbes

The first study looking at the effect of chlorhexidine mouthwash on the entire oral microbiome has found its use significantly increases the abundance of lactate-producing bacteria that lower saliva … read more

A new modelling study conducted in a simulated Singapore setting has estimated that a combined approach of physical distancing interventions, comprising quarantine (for infected individuals and their … read more

Engineers Model Mutations Causing Drug Resistance

Whether it is a drug-resistant strain of bacteria, or cancer cells that no longer react to the drugs intended to kill them, diverse mutations make cells resistant to chemicals, and ‘second … read more

Cannabis Helps Fight Resistant Bacteria

Bacteria are increasingly becoming resistant to antibiotics. By combining antibiotics with the cannabis compound, cannabidiol, researchers have found a way to enhance the antibiotic … read more

More Men, More Problems? Not Necessarily

Men are more prone to competitive risk taking and violent behavior, so what happens when the number of men is greater than the number of women in a population? According to new research, the answers … read more

Scientists Investigate Why Females Live Longer Than Males

An international team of scientists found that, like humans, female wild animals tend to live longer than … read more

Research Breakthrough: Humans Are Not the First to Repurpose CRISPR

We humans are far from the first to exploit the benefits of CRISPR. Groundbreaking research has helped to redefine what CRISPR is. Researchers have discovered that primitive bacterial parasites … read more

Past Your Bedtime? Inconsistency May Increase Risk to Cardiovascular Health

Researchers found that individuals going to bed even 30 minutes later than their usual bedtime presented a significantly higher resting heart rate that lasted into the following … read more

Brain or Muscles, What Do We Lose First?

From the age of 50, there is a decline not just in physical activity but also in cognitive abilities since the two are correlated. But which of them influences the other? Researchers used a database … read more

Scientists Reveal How Proteins Team Up to Repair DNA

Scientists have revealed an important mechanism in the repair of DNA double-strand breaks, according to new … read more

Coronavirus Massive Simulations Completed on Frontera Supercomputer

A coronavirus envelope all-atom computer model is being developed. The coronavirus model builds on success of all-atom infuenza virus simulations. Molecular dynamics simulations for the coronavirus … read more

COVID-19 Survey of New York CIty Residents

Nearly three in ten New York City residents (29%) report that either they or someone in their household has lost their job as a result of coronavirus over the last two weeks. In addition, 80% of NYC … read more

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