UPMC, University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine Citing Widely-Available COVID-19 Treatment

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine are citing evidence that there is a cheap and widely available option for some patients combatting COVID-19.

This study went so well, that the World Health Organization is recommending this drug be used worldwide.

They found people on a ventilator and oxygen should be given corticosteroids.

Researchers say it’s rare your able to find a drug where the evidence of the effectiveness in saving lives is so consistent.

It was the on trial in the country to test this drug.

Between March and June, the steroids trial was given to random adults in the ICU with Covid 19, this was done in 121 hospitals across 8 countries.

The trial found a 93% probability that the steroid would improve a patient’s outcome as opposed to not having the steroid.

The results looked to be consistent across age, race, and gender.

Now, this is not for everyone.

Researchers say non-hospitalized patients who do not need respiratory help were not tested.

Steroids currently are not recommended for those patients because it can dampen the immune system and have serious side effects.

Pitt said it has several studies going on in regards to COVID-19.

In all, it has more than 400 going on right now.

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