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COVID-19 Information:

  • Symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath can be caused by the flu and the common cold as well as COVID-19. At this time, the flu presents a greater risk in the United States than COVID-19, however, that could change if COVID-19 starts circulating widely. VA encourages everyone to get a flu shot if they have not yet received one to protect against flu and to help minimize demand on health care services.
  • Veterans who have symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath should call their local VA medical center before seeking care. VA’s phone- and video-based telecare services can be used to avoid exposure to additional germs, keep from spreading germs to others, and eliminate a trip to VA.
  • There is not yet a vaccine or medication to treat COVID-19. The best way to prevent an infection is to avoid being exposed in the first place by taking everyday preventive actions.
  • Anyone with symptoms of respiratory illness should avoid visiting the medical center except to receive care. Visitors who display respiratory symptoms, should request a mask, wash hands with soap and water or sanitizer, and postpone their visit until they are symptom-free.
  • Stay informed of the COVID-19 outbreak. Visit VA’s Public Health Website to learn how to protect against an infection and when to seek care. Monitor the number and location of confirmed COVID-19 cases within the United States at CDC’s COVID-19 Website.

Facility Improvements and Construction Updates

There are no updates at this time. Please check back often as we are constantly improving on services and facilities to meet and exceed the needs of the Veterans we proudly serve.
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