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Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San FranciscoWednesday 21 March 1945, 7:15 PM Dearest…

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart

U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Wednesday 21 March 1945, 7:15 PM

Dearest Eleanor,
     Had my usual busy morning. Worked until 11:30 and then found I was through for the day.
     After lunch I decided to join a few others and went ashore. While there we enjoyed a troupe of travelling Navy entertainers. The band was led by Claude Thornhill and there were several stage, screen and radio personalities in the show (all male). Jackie Cooper who played the drums, and the radio personality “Betty Lou” were the headliners. We expect to have the whole show on the ship in a few days.
     We got back in time for a late chow. After eating we enjoyed a pretty sunset. Now, here I am.
     I got four letters this morning and four this afternoon. Except for my mother and Libby they were all from you.
     I’m glad that the affair at the Deauville Club was such a big success. Of course I really expected it with you in charge.
     I’m glad you finally got to see “To Have and Have Not.” Its funny your thinking it was slow. I thought it was OK, but then we didn’t see it together.
     I’m sorry to hear that Dick is unhappy. Making the best of a situation is important. There is plenty I could “bitch”(gripe) about.  Yet I find it is just as well to take things as they come.
     I’m surprised about Linda and her enlarged tonsil. Don’t do anything about it until I get back unless absolutely necessary.  I do hope she gets over her present indisposition soon. Dr. Kinney is OK. See him is necessary. His nurse, Mrs. Middledorf, is an ex patient of mine and should help out.
     I wondered about Leon’s new job but a later letter cleared the matter up for me.
     I don’t know why all the worry about a salami. Several have been received and all in good shape. Just wrap it well and let me do the worrying.
     You are still too sensitive and your sisters still don’t understand. Just wait until Dave ships out and I get back. Bet you’ll just drool over Deb and her problems. Still that is your way and I wouldn’t have you any different.
     Yes dear. You are right. I don’t give a damn about all the stuff that is happening in Santa Monica. It all seems so unimportant and far away. Hence, no remarks!
     I do reread you letters but who cares if Ruby presided well or Marty pulled a fast one on B.J.
     If you feel so strongly about a lot look around and let me know what you find. (For a home, not an office, of course).
     Libby’s cheapness has reached a new high. Now she writes V-mail letters instead of airmail. I’ll take my time answering too.
     It is late and time for the movie so I’ll dash and finish later. Goodbye for now Sweet!

10:00 PM
     Hello darling, here I am back again. The picture tonight was “Murder My Sweet” with Dick Powell, Anne Shirley, and Claire Trevor.  It was so mixed up the whole story is hazy and I can’t blame it all on the beer I had today either.
     I just reread my letter so far and hope you can make it out. My, what scribbling!
     From the sound of things Leon’s outfit must be tied up with the Marines. Otherwise why the rugged training? Anyway he can have it. Give me any ship, but preferably the U.S.S. America, for duty.
     Out here there is nothing new to write about. The war news sounds good and I’m still optimistic for an early peace.
     No more for now Sweet. I sign off with love, hugs, and kisses for you and our girls.

Your devoted,

Dick Markowitz, nephew

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